AGM 2010 Sheffield
Dr Konrad Jacobs
Department of Paediatric Psychology
Children’s Hospital Oxford
Paediatric Psychology Network
AGM Agenda
Update on last year’s work
External relations
The next five years…..
Thank you to outgoing committee
Election of new committee
Judith Houghton award for significant contribution to Paediatric
Paediatric Psychology Network
Update on last year’s work
Committee Meetings
• 8 October 2009 – Oxford
• 21 January 2010 – Bristol
• 6 May 2010 – Glasgow CANCELLED
Paediatric Psychology Network
2009 – 2010: Officers
Konrad Jacobs
Melinda Edwards
Rosie Hurlston
Anna Zeffertt
Emma Twigg
Liz Fitzpatrick
Penny Titman
Sue Channon
Ordinary members:
Sue Dolby
Jacqui Stedmon
Suzy O’Connor
Julie Strachan
Past Chair
Chair Elect
Membership Secretary
CPD Co-ordinator
Sarah Meekin
Jasmin Aquan Assee
Internal committee changes
Use of majority voting
Use of time lines
Committee members to commit to being present at least 75%
of all meetings
Strategy meeting
Length of officer terms + start in October
Free registration fees for committee members
Directory of Paediatric Psychology Services across the UK
April 2009-2010
Melinda Edwards Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Rebecca Ion Psychology Placement Student
Jemma Day Assistant Psychologist
Research officer
Sue Channon supported by Suzy O’Connor
Membership Of PPN
It is necessary to be a member of the BPS & FCYP to join the PPN.
There is no additional charge for joining the PPN
Join by ticking box on FCYP membership form
Please ring BPS if you want to know if you are a member
we do not have access to database
PPN Member
85 (!)
BPS & FCYP member
Listserv member
385 – largely UK based
Psychologists with a clinical or research
interest in Paediatric Psychology
Website member
240 – largely UK based
Psychologists with a clinical or research
interest in Paediatric Psychology
External relations – engage!
Terms of reference; formal position within BPS?
Intention to work closely with them; Joint CPD event?
Joining Forces
No national developments apart from Google discussion group
British Paediatric Mental Health group
Jacqui Stedmon
National Council for Child Health and Well-being
Invited to join
Up from 340 members in June 2009
to 385 members in June 2010
Phil Brewin and Konrad Jacobs
PPN Website
Intended to be a hub of news and information
To bring Paediatric Psychologists with similar clinical and / or
research interests closer together
To complement the listserv
Skeleton of a good website; need more content & participation
Research and other modules will be added to the profile
Updated once a year
PaedPolis Blog: comments on articles, news and developments
Anne Kazak; Deborah Christie; Gillian Colville; GOSH; Guest Bloggers
PPN Treasurer’s Report 2010
Balance June 2009
£ 2773.43
Conference expenses
£ 210.00
£ 500.00
Balance June 2010
£ 2063.43
....all finances managed by Faculty / BPS in the future....
Management of Invasive/Distressing Procedures
Long delay......
Available in BPS Shop - free for DCP members
ADC have commissioned us to write an article
Other guidelines
Development of further guidelines
• Adherence to Treatment (Konrad Jacobs/Hilary Maddox)
• Preparation for Surgical Procedures (Anna Zeffertt)
National assessors
Lack of national assessors in Paediatric Psychology
Experienced Paediatric Psychologists needed.......
Continuing Professional Development
Annual Study Day
Joint conference with Dutch PPN
FCYP conference 2010 September in Warwick
Zoe Berger (GOSH) will organise symposium
Special Edition of The Psychologist
Dedicated to Paediatric Psychology:
Introduction and overview
How children and parents adjust to chronic conditions
Intensive care
ACT in paediatrics (with elements of the challenges of working with
Neuropsychology in neuro-oncology (Cognitive deficits and school
Looking back
One on one
The next five years.......
15-20 billion pounds “efficiency savings” over the next four years
“....Reality check.......there will be no expansion of any services
over the next five years........the challenge will be to do more
with less......”
Professor Terence Stephenson, President, RCPCH (June 2010)
“….moving towards a health service which puts patients at the
heart of decision-making, which focuses on quality and
outcomes not processes and with more devolved
Sir David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive (June, 2010)
What to do?
Consolidation of what we have
Reducing costs
More with less - Creative in our approach
Focus on quality - not a bad thing?
Focus on outcome
Psychological; health; costs; user perspective
PR - unique set of skills in Paediatrics
Focus on improving psychological outcome, health outcome, staff
effectiveness and reduction of costs
Inward AND outward looking
Join management; guidelines; local and national committees; NICE
Members leaving committee
Anna Zeffert
Penny Titman
Election of New Committee
Nominations for officers:
Rosie Hurlston
Konrad Jacobs
Sue Dolby
Liz Fitzpatrick
Sarah O’Curry
Emma Twigg
Sue Channon
Clarissa Martin
Past Chair
Chair Elect
CPD Co-ordinator
Membership Secretary
Communications officer
Election of New Committee
Nominations for ordinary members/co-opted members
Jacqui Stedmon – link with BPMHG
Suzy O’Connor
Cathy Swainland
Julie Strachan
Ines Banos
Michele Puckey
Feedback and discussion
First Judith Houghton Award
The Paediatric Psychology Network UK Presents
The 1st Judith Houghton Award to
Diane Melvin
Consultant Clinical Psychologist
for her significant contribution to Paediatric Psychology
24 June 2010
Chair, Paediatric Psychology Network

PowerPoint Presentation - PPN-UK