Invites you for
Youth in Action project – sub-action
Training and networking of those active in youth
work and youth organizations
“Hand in Hand” – career support
for social inclusion
04-12 2012
The main project goal
The project is aimed at developing knowledge and
skills in young leaders or youth workers in the area of
career and vocational counseling. Through this
project a model for fostering social inclusion,
career development and vocational realization of
young people with fewer opportunities will be
The project phases
Preparatory activities - 04 – 06. 2012
selection of participants – forming groups of 3 to 5 persons from each country (one of them –
group leader) with interest or experience in career counseling and social inclusion.
Collecting information and preparing presentation for practices in vocational guidance and
career counseling of young people with fewer opportunities.
Summer school “Career support for social inclusion” – 06-07. 2012
– 10 days training program in career counseling, vocational guidance and social inclusion
practices. It will be held in the Bulgarian mountain-spa resort Velingrad – max. 40 participants
3. Follow-up activities - 08 – 10. 2012
Public presentations on the importance of career support for the social inclusion of young
people with fewer opportunities - min. 2 per participating country
Career counseling by trained participants in each partner country – each pariticipant has to
consult min. 1 youth with fewer opportunities (min 3 counselling sessions)
4. Assessment
– on-line supervisions of the consultants, sending feedback, pictures and information on the
implementation of the follow-up. Individual assessment from supervisors according the Europsy
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Resume: The Summer school is the project core. During the Summer school 40
young leaders and youth workers from different European countries will learn
and be trained in methods of career support and vocational counseling for social
inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. As a result, a common
methodology for career counseling will be developed. It will be applied by
the participants during their national counseling activities.
Duration: 10 days (exc. travelling days) in the end of June 2012 (the exact date will
be discussed with the partners and will be agreed upon).
Methodology Scope: Lectures, Presentations, Workshops, Counseling simulation,
Diagnostic methods, Self-assessment, Supervisions.
There will be common lectures, presentations and workshops for all participants;
but they will work in small groups as well, according to the specific characteristic
of the target group they will counsel (young people with mental health problems,
with disabilities, from rural areas, orphans and etc.). Each group will develop a
model for career support for a particular group of young people with fewer
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Who will lead the training programme?
Lecturers (3 – 5): Leading professors and specialist in areas of vocational psychology,
social psychology, clinical psychology, social education (we are seeking lecturers,
please give us your proposals). It is important they to have knoweledge and experinece
in work with people with fewer opportunities. They will present their knowledge and
experience on a specific topic, but will also supervise and support the work in small
groups. Each lecturer will supervise 1 group.
Facilitators (3 - 5): youth trainers (Ph. D. students, students, young psychologists)
experienced in facilitating groups. They have to organize the work in small groups and
facilitate the development of career support model.
You are welcome to send proposals for Lecturers and Facilitators from your organization!
Please send their names, contacts, short summary of their professional experience and
proposals for topic which will be present during the summer school!
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Other specilialists:
Career counseling advisors – Specialists (max. 2-3) in Vocational and Career counseling
will develop the basic methodology which has to be used from the work groups to
develop and practice their models for career support of young people with fewer
opportunity. They will facilitate and give advise through the whole process of
developing and implementing the vocational counseling model from all participants in
each partner country. They will lead evaluation meetings and will make evaluation of
the progress of trained young vocational consultants.
You are welcome to send proposals for Please send their names, contacts and summary of
their professional experience and practice in career counselling.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Topics of lectures and workshops:
(Optional – the final list depends on the chosen lecturers)
“”Psycho-social characteristic of the Young people with fewer opportunities “-lecture
“Social inclusion of youths with fewer opportunities - aspects, good practice
presentation” - lecture
“Development of Social , Vocational and Career skills in youths with fewer
opportunities” – workshop
“Psychological Counseling of youths with fewer opportunities aimed at facilitation of
long-term career – lecture, seminar
“Career counseling – theories, basics, techniques, tools” – lecture, seminar
„Effective career behavior – theories, factors, indicators”– lecture
„Career diagnostic methods” – lecture + workshop
„Career motivation – motivation for change ” - how to motivate young people to be
active in the process of their career development. – workshop
„Voluntary work of young psychologists as a career consultant – possible reality”presentation, discussion
„Development of personal career strategy and career plan”-workshop
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Social programme
Except the serious training program, rich social program
will be provided during the Summer school. Through
this social program we expect to foster intercultural
understanding and give the floor to young people to
present their local characteristics and enjoy a rich and
successful cross-cultural communication 
The social program is a………… Surprise!
Participants have to take their swimming suits, comfortable
shoes and clothes for outdoor activities, some music, food and
drink from their country and plenty of cheerful mood 
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
The venue: Velingrad, Bulgaria
Velingrad is beautiful city situated in the Rhodopi Mountains. It is app. 133 km south of the
capital city Sofia, and 85 km south of Plovdiv – an ancient city and the cultural capital of
Bulgaria. The transportation from the airport to the place of venue will be organized.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
The venue:
Velingrad is famous for the great number of hot mineral springs. Thanks to the natural resources,
the city is among the first-rank Bulgarian balneological resorts.
In the hot summer days, the chilly mountain winds keep the heat away; combined with the wealth
of SPA opportunities make Velingrad an ideal place for this venue.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Financial rules:
Participation fee for participants – it is possible, because the project don’t covers 100% of
all expenses. It depends on participants number - max. 80 Euro
This fee covers:
For the participants and facilitators:
Accommodation costs – 100% of the accommodation fee and food will be covered
Travel costs – 70% of travel costs to the place of venue (economy class) will be reimbursed.
Visa costs – the visa fees for all participants who need it.
Training programme – all materials, lecturers and supervisors expenses will be covered.
Book with publications – book with publications from the summer school and the results of the
implementation of the model will be published at the end of the project. All participant will
receive free sample of the book.
Social programme: all expenses for social programme, incl. excursion will be covered.
The same expenses will be covered for the lecturers and career counselling advisors. Their
travel costs will be coverred 100%.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 06.2012
Who could participate:
Young leaders, young professionals or youth workers interested and motivated on the topic
career counseling for young people with fewer opportunities.
The participants have to be representatives of youth organizations or organizations dealing with
young people.
It is very important participants to be really interested in the project goal and activities and to be
ready to develop the idea for voluntary counseling and career support for social inclusion of
young people with fewer opportunities. They have to be interested to develop yourself as a
Participants who want to use the project just for their holiday are not welcome!
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 07.2012
Who could participate:
The participants have to be representatives of the following Programme countries:
- EU member s – all 27 members
- Non-EU members - Iceland , Liechtenstein , Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia
The participants from the next Neighboring partner countries also are welcome:
- Countries from South-Eastern Europe – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia,
Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia
- Countries from Eastern Europe and Caucasus - Armenia, Azerbajan, Belarus, Georgia,
Moldova, Russian federation, Ukraine
The number of programme countries and neighboring countries who going to
participate in the project has to be a proximately equal.
In other case we should do the project only with EU member countries.
Project “Hand in Hand“ - Career support for social inclusion”
Partner organization Responsibilities
During application process:
 Take a first-hand look at the project goals and activities.
 If are interested in this partnership sending a partnership form III by e-mail. Once we receive it by
e-mail we’ll send you details for post mail. – deadline 10.12.2011
 Give back proposals about the programme, methodology and etc. – deadline - 15.12.2011
 Define the number and characteristic – age, gender, expertise, experience of the participants – min
3 - max. 5 . Deadline: 5.01.2012
 Choosing one of the participants for group leader, sending him/her contacts.
 Define the number, position and characteristic of the experts (lecturer, facilitator, career counseling
advisor) – age, expertise, professional experience, proposal for topic and content of their lecture,
workshop or seminar. deadline : 20.12.2011
Project “Hand in Hand“ - Career support for social inclusion”
Partner organization Responsibilities
During project implementation process:
 Guarantee effectively implementation of project activities in their countries.
 Guarantee participation of the participants and the experts in the training programme.
 Ensuring quality promotion of the project .
 Support for realization of career counseling activities of their participants who will be trained during
the project.
 Guarantee sustainable development of the career support activities for young people with fewer
opportunities after finalization of the project.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 07.2012
Group Leader Responsibilities (person in charge of the project till its accomplishment)
- Keeping communication with the organizers
- Gathering participants and communicating with them before and after the project venue
- Following the requirements of the preparation and follow up activities of the project
- Helping for the selection of the participants from his/her country
- Responsible for the implementation of the follow up activities
- Sending a report for the work of his/her group
Participants 'Responsibilities (including the group leader):
- Filling an application form for participation in the summer school (it will be send if the project is
- Making a investigation on the topic of the project (vocational support of young people with fewer
opportunities) in their country about: good practices, regulations, present and past projects and
- Gathering information and making a presentation on the base of the gathered information, which will
be presented during the venue
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion” 07.2012
Participants 'Responsibilities (including the group leader):
- Defining of the speicific target group of youngsters with fewer opportunities who are or will be on
focus in project implementation in their country.
- Constant communication among each other (before and after the project venue)
- Contact with an organization/institution (working with youngsters with fewer opportunities) who will
help them for providing a target group for consulting (it could be their own organization)
- Active participation in the training programme in Bulgaria
- Organizing a public presentations in their countries on the importance of career support for young
people with fewer opportunities - min. 1 presentation per partner country
- Implementation of career counseling sessions with youngsters with fewer opportunities–min. 3
session with 1 youth with fewer opportunities.
- Active participation in on-line (or e-mail) supervision with the career counseling advisors.
- Sending a report with pictures about their personal work.
Summer School “Career support for social inclusion”
Who to contact:
(email & address)
 Send your scanned copy of partnership form (signed & stamped) by email to
 Send your original partnership form (part III) by post mail to the following address:
1326 Sofia
district Obelya 2
bl. 261, entr.B, floor 5 ap. 66
for Dimitar Bozhilov – vice president of AYPB 4th April
For any questions and suggestions please email to Evgeniya Lazarova – international
secretary of AYPB 4th April – [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you for your attention!
We are open for any proposals and ideas
about the project activities!
We rely on you to make great project!

career support for social inclusion