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Jonathan Tang, BS-RT
• Jonathan Tang, BS-RT
– Arizona State University
– Arizona State Veteran Home – Phoenix
• C-2 Unit Recreation Therapist
• Staff-In-Charge: iPads and Applications
– Arizona State Therapeutic Recreation Association (ASTRA)
• Member-At-Large: Memberships
• Webmaster
– 2013: Colorado Therapeutic Recreation Society Conference
• Speaker: iPad Apps & TR
– 2012: ATRA Conference
• Audio/Visual Tech Support
• Presenter/speaker: Modern Technology & TR
Why is Technology Beneficial in
Therapeutic Recreation?
Increase client/patient outcomes
Technology expands the client’s potential in the
following areas:
• Communication/Social Skills
• Cognitive Thinking
• Functional Skills
• Positive Lifestyles
• Positive Decision-making
• Independence
iPad Care Plan Examples
• Sample Goals for iPad applications
– See Touch Learn
• Client will be able to successfully complete 1 lesson utilizing “See. Touch. Learn.” by
correctly answering 20-30 questions out of the 39 total, 2xs per week with 100%
accuracy, as judged by the CTRS or Recreation Leader.
– Dexteria
• Client will utilize the Dexteria application for 30 minutes 5x/week for 30 days.
• Client will complete level 3 of “Tap it” in the Dexteria application with 100%
accuracy in 6 months.
– Brushes
• Client will be given the opportunity to express and exercise creative arts skills
within each session (45-60 minutes per session) by using fine motor skills and eyecoordination to paint, as scheduled per CTRS or Recreation Leader.
– Relax Melodies
• Client will be given the opportunity to reminiscing and relaxation within each
session (15-30 minutes per session) by using their sense of hearing, as
scheduled per CTRS or Recreation Leader.
Example Protocol
Program Title: iPad
Staff Requirements: CTRS/Recreation Director or Recreation Leader/Technician under the
supervision of a CTRS/Recreation Director
Size: Individual or small group of 5 participants per iPad.
Location: Indoor or outdoor activity area.
Equipment: iPad, speakers, charger, appropriate connectors, stylus (optional), iPad stand (optional)
Statement of Purpose: To provide an opportunity for enhancement/maintenance of fine motor
skills, dexterity, creativity, and cognition that lead to improved quality of life for participants.
Description of Program: This program will provide participants with exposure to as well as the
opportunity to engage in therapeutic applications through the iPad.
Expected Outcomes: To improve the ability of clients to independently utilize the iPad, through
skills such as the ability to open and access various applications of interest.
1. To improve/maintain fine motor skills
2. To improve/maintain hand-eye coordination
3.To improve/maintain social skills, such as self-expression and communication skills
4. To improve/maintain self-efficacy
Example Protocol Continued
Interventions and Techniques: The following therapeutic applications are suggested: iPad
‘Brushes,’ ‘Relax Melodies HD,’ ‘National Geographic,’ ‘Dexteria,’ and ‘See. Touch. Learn.’
Criteria for Participation:
1. Participants must be willing to engage in programs using the iPad.
2. Participants must be able to learn and comprehend the purpose and uses of the iPad in
meeting their predetermined goals.
Risk Management Considerations:
1. The iPad must be used in an environment that is free of food (liquids, and other food items that
could damage the device).
2. Staff must use proper sanitation measures prior to and following each iPad session to prevent
possible transfer of bacteria and illness.
Program Evaluation:
Participants will be re-evaluated every six months to assess progress made towards individual
goals as a result of participation in the program. These assessments are based on data from flow
sheets, progress notes, and observation of clients during programs. After completion of the session,
clients’ scores will be properly documented into medical charts (i.e., monthly progress notes, flow
sheets, etc.) where they can later be used to monitor the effectiveness of the intervention and
track each client’s progress.
App Appropriateness
• Factors to consider:
– Are the apps appropriate for your population?
– Are the apps appropriate for the age group?
– Are the apps accessible to different types of
– Are the apps beneficial within Therapeutic
Recreation approaches?
Programs/Group Ideas
Technology Club
iPad Reminiscing
Music Jukebox (Social group/Meal times)
Current Events
Music TV/Movie Trivia
Sensory Integration
Music Creativity/Falling Stars
Travel Club (Canyons/Space/Landmarks)
iPod Touch 5 & iPhone 5
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
• International: Language Function
• Accessibility
Invert colors
Voice command
• Battery conservation?
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
•3.5 mm Headphone to Headphone Jack
– To connect iPod or iPad to any external speakers or radio
•External Speaker
– To amplify the sound for hearing impairment or to
compensate the amount of space for sound to travel
across the room.
•Apple A/V adapter (Close range connection)
– To “mirror” or to display screen-to-screen in real time.
•Apple TV (Close/far range wireless connection)
– An alternative to “mirror” or display screen-to-screen in
real time using Wifi
•Other Options: Stylus, Stand
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
• App ideas for (not limited to):
– Cognitive Skills
TV Theme Trivia
Keep in mind of App Appropriateness
– Reminiscing
Populations’ generation music
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
• “The TV Theme Players”
– A music album with a variety of television theme
songs from the past. This album can be implemented
as a trivia game:
Select a song from the iPod/iPhone playlist
Play selection for 5 seconds (varies)
Ask if anybody can remember the TV show.
Repeat process
When answered, play song selection from beginning.
Ask what they remember most from the show or their
favorite episode.
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
“The TV Theme Players” (continued):
Alternative: Play a selection and ask if they recognize the
song then ask what they like about the show when it was
on TV.
Other methods:
Play music from popular movies
 Grease
 Rocky
 Ghostbusters
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
• Popular music artists examples from ASVH:
Johnny Cash
Elvis Presley
Ray Charles
Frank Sinatra
Bing Crosby
Patti Page
iPods & iPhones:
Functions & ideas
• Generation gap in music:
– Selecting appropriate generation music
• Examples:
– Patsy Cline vs. The Band Perry
– Johnny Cash vs. John Mayer
– Elvis Presley vs. Michael Jackson
Computer Review
iPad Review
iPads: Functions & ideas
iPads: Functions & ideas
• Functions:
– Security
Screen lock password
iTunes Password & Staff
Payment method
– Wi-Fi availability
– Camera
Pictures & Video
FaceTime Vs. Skype
iPads: Functions & ideas
• Accessibility Functions
– Vision
Siri/Voice command
Large Text
Invert Colors
– Inverting black text on white background to white text on black
– Hearing
Left vs. Right audio
– Learning
Guided Access
iPads: Functions & ideas
• Accessibility (continued):
– Physical & Motor
Providing people with physical disabilities to access “Home”
button, Volume buttons, Siri, and Favorites (Top apps).
Triple-Click Feature
Invert Colors
iPads: Functions & ideas
• App ideas (Some apps are free and some needs to be
– Cognitive
See.Touch.Learn by BrainParade
Board games
Trivia games
– Family Feud
Card Games
– Solitaire
– Poker
– Crafts
iPads: Functions & ideas
– Reminiscing
 World Wonders
 Canyon Country
 YouTube
– Social/Communication
 Skype
 FaceTime
 Facebook
 Emails
• Physical Skills
 Dexteria
– Sensory
 Fingerdrums
 Pandora
 Brushes
 Glow Draw
 Virtuoso
 Falling Stars
 Relax M. P. HD
 Relax M. S. HD
 Relax M. O. P. HD
 ZenView
 Heat Pad Lite
Good luck!
Q&A Session
• Contact Information:
– Jonathan Yen Tang, BS-RT
• Work: (602) 248-1594 Ext. 1860
• Email: [email protected]
• Cell: (602) 332-8179
Arizona State Veteran Home
4141 North S. Herrera Way
Phoenix, AZ 85012

iPads, iPods, iPhones & I, Recreation Therapist!