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MBDA Federal Procurement Center
Operated by the MEDA
Minority Business Development Agency
• An agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce that helps
create and retain U.S. jobs by promoting the growth and
global competitiveness of minority owned businesses of all
• National network of 44 business centers and a wide range
of domestic and international strategic partners
• Provides clients with the technical assistance and access to
capital, contract opportunities, and new markets
MBDA Federal Procurement Center
• Only MBDA business center focused solely on federal
• Provides federal contracting assistance to 70 minority
business enterprises (MBEs) nationwide
• Serves experienced minority owned federal contractors
strong federal past performance
• Provides services to supplement each company’s
business development capabilities
• Distributes Agency opportunities and market research
requests to the entire MBDA network
Federal Procurement Center Services
We help MBEs to access federal opportunities, we help federal
agencies to access qualified MBEs
Services include:
• Facilitating relationships with federal decisions makers
• Align company qualifications with procurement opportunities
• Initiating teaming relationships with other contractors
• Proposal review for compliance and pricing issues
• Updates on federal programs and procurement trends
• Collaboration with strategic partner organizations
• Conduct training and networking sessions
A Resource for Agencies and
Prime Contractors
• Federal agencies contact us looking for companies with
specific capabilities and attributes to consider for upcoming
procurements to supplement their market research
• Businesses contact our Center looking for companies with
specific capabilities and attributes that they want to
consider for teaming partners on upcoming procurements
• Our Center is a go-to partner for organizations looking for
the best minority-owned federal contractors.
Department of Energy MOU
The DOE has signed an MOU with MBDA to assist the
agency in accessing minority-owned businesses of all
MBDA works with the DOE OSDBU Office, Office of
Economic Impact and Diversity, and the national
network of DOE Labs and Sites
MBDA supports DOE’s new “Minorities in Energy
The Federal Procurement Center distributes DOE
opportunities and market research request to all
MBDA Business Centers nationwide
Department of Veterans Affairs
The VA has asked MBDA to assist the agency in
accessing minority-owned Veteran Owned Businesses
MBDA works with the VA OSDBU Office, The VA
Technology Acquisition Center, and the VA Strategic
Acquisition Center.
The VA is looking for “Procurement Ready” SDVOSB
and VOSB companies
The VA will expedite the CVE Verification process for
companies that can provide the services and products
they need
Strategic Partners
National 8(a) Association
National Center for American Indian
Enterprise Development (NCAIED)
Armed Forces Communications and
Electronics Association (AFCEA)
UNCF Special Programs
The Latino Coalition
Strategic Partners (Continued)
Offices of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Department of Energy
Department of Agriculture
Department of Homeland Security
Agency for International Development
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Defense
Small Business Administration
Department of State
Success Stories
Contact Information:
Joe Grabenstein, Executive Director
[email protected]
O: (202) 737-0877, C: (202) 870-7562
Patricia Luna, Federal Acquisition Advisor
[email protected]
(703) 888-7440
Frank Flutter, Federal Procurement Advisor
[email protected]
(202) 997-0800
Claudia Barrera, Project Coordinator
[email protected]
(202) 737-0877

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