Volga State Academy of Physical Culture,
Kazan, Russia, 2012
Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences,
University of Tartu, Estonia
• 1959 – Department of Sport Medicine was founded at the
University of Tartu and the training of Sport Physicians was
• 1975 – Curriculum in Coaching has been established by the
Faculty of Exercise and Sport sciences at the University of
• 1989 – Estonian Olympic Academy was founded by Estonian
Olympic Committee.
• 1996 – Curriculum in Physiotherapy has been established in
Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of
Universities with Sport Sciences
Curricula in Estonia
Tallinn University
Institute of Health Sciences and Sport
(since 1955)
B.A. – Sport Sciences
M.A. – Education (Physical Education)
University of Tartu
Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences
(since 1928)
B.A. – Sport Sciences
M.A. – Sport Sciences
Ph.D. – Exercise and Sport Sciences
(Founded 1632)
9 Faculties and 4 Colleges
Students: 17,000 students (including over 800 international students)
More than 1,400 doctoral students and 101 doctoral defences in 2012 (more than
a half of all Estonia's doctoral defences)
UT belongs to the top 1% of the world's most-cited universities and research
institutions in the fields of Clinical Medicine, Chemistry, Environment/Ecology,
Plant and Animal Science, Geosciences, Social Sciences (general), Biology and
Biochemistry and Engineering.
A total of 20 UT scientists belong to the top 1% of most quoted scientists in the
Staff: 3,800 employees, including 1,800 academic employees (190 professors)
Budget: 145,9 MEUR
Belongs to the top 3% of world's best universities (Times Higher Education World
University Rankings 2012-13)
Implementation of Sport Sciences into Higher Education at
the University of Tartu
Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences
Areas of specialization:
•Physical Education
•Sport Coaching
Faculty of Medicine
Area of specialization:
• Sport Medicine
Laboratories/research groups:
- Functional Morphology
- Exercise Physiology
- Kinanthropometry and Coaching Science
- Kinesiology and Biomechanics
- Sport Psychology
- Physical and Health Education
Main building of the Faculty
Exercise Physiology
Physical and Health Education
UT Sports Hall
Kinesiology and Biomechanics
Functional Morphology
Kinanthropometry and
Coaching Science
Sport Psychology
Functional Morphology
Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Priit Kaasik
•Aging and physical activity: role of character of the load in remodelling of
muscle tissue (MES Project)
•Skeletal muscle protein turnover during different types of exercise
• Counselling of Estonian team members and coaches in strength, power
and endurance training
Kinanthropometry and
Coaching Science
Principal Investigator: Prof. Jaak Jürimäe
•Risk factors for metabolic syndrome in boys during pubertal development:
a longitudinal study with special attention to physical activity and fitness
(MES Project)
•Peripheral signals of energy homeostasis as possible markers of training
stress in athletes (ESF Grant)
- Testing of physical performance of Estonian team members in rowing,
- Testing of body composition in athletes
Ph.D. student Martin Mooses
Sport Psychology
Principal Investigator: Prof. Lennart Raudsepp
- Psychosocial factors affecting the quality of life in older adults (ESF grant)
- Expertise in sport (MES Project)
- Coloured Affect Grid - phone and PC-based method enables real-time
assessment of emotional states of athletes before and during the competitions
and trainings. This method is in everyday practical use in many Estonian athletes
(swimmers, cross country skiers, track and field athletes).
Kinesiology and Biomechanics
Principal Investigator: Prof. Mati Pääsuke
•Adaptation of neuromuscular system to power and endurance training
(incl. EU EUREKA Eurostars Project MYOLITE)
•Age-related changes in neuromuscular function (incl. EU 7FP MYOAGE, ESF Grant))
•Rehabilitation after after total knee replacement (MES Project)
•Testing of neuromuscular performance of Estonian national team members and young
athletes in athletics, basketball, football, tennis, power lifting, cycling, rowing
•Development of myotonometer Myoton with OÜ Müomeetria company
Measurements performed in University of Tartu
• Muscle function (strength, power, contractile
properties, fatigability)
• Functional performance (mobility, walking
endurance, balance, ventilatory function)
• Body composition, bone characteristics
• Muscle size (MRI)
• Inflammatory markers (blood samples)
• Mitochondrial respiration (muscle
• MHC isoform composition (muscle
Anthropological measurements in Kenya
(with prof. Daniel Lieberman, Harvard University, and
Prof. Yannis Pitsiladis, University of Glasgow)
Ph.D. Student Herje Aibast
EU EUREKA Eurostars Project MYOLITE
Aim: Development of novel technology to be embedded in Myoton Lite
allowing for objectified muscle assessment (myotonometer)
List of Participants:
- OÜ Müomeetria (Tallinn, Estonia, Aleko Peipsi)
- University of Tartu (Tartu, Estonia, Mati Pääsuke)
- Central Finland Central Hospital (Jyväskylä, Finland, Jari Ylinen)
- Sirco Consulting Ltd. (Malta, Joe Mulhern)
Myotonometer Myoton (Tartu, Estonia) participated in the 55th
Parabolic Flight Campaign organized by European Space Agency
in Bordeaux, France between 21st - 25th of November 2011.
Exercise Physiology
Principal Investigator: Prof. Vahur Ööpik
• Physical and mental performance capacity in conditions of
chronic heat stress (MD and NATO Project)
• Food, nutrition and physical performance capacity
• Testing of physical performance of Estonian national team members in wrestling,
karate, triatlon, athletics
• Counselling of Estonian national team in football on nutrition
• Development of sport drink „Arctic sport“ in cooperation with A. Le Coq company
Physical and Health Education
Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Vello Hein
• The influence of perceived teacher’s leadership style on students’ motivation
in physical education (ESF grant)
• A psychosocial intervention to reduce high-risk single session alcohol
(binge) drinking among company employees in a workplace setting in four
European nations (EU Project)
• research results have been reported at several professional seminars for PE
and health education teachers
• different models of motivation have been elaborated promote physical
• health education textbooks for basic and secondary school students have
been compiled
Department (Clinic) of Sport Medicine and
Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Eve Unt
- EU 7FR Project TREAT-OA (Translational Research in Europe Applied
Technologies for OsteoArthritis)
- Development of novel nanotechnology-based diagnostic systems
for early detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis“ (NanoDiaRA)
- Iceland-Estonian collaboration project MARSK 08067N Angiogenic, inflammatory and
bone markers in Estonian and Icelandic patients with distinct forms of osteoarthritis
- Testing of physical performance and monitoring of health in Estonian team
members and young athletes for many sports events
- Foot scan testing and service
- Rehabilitation of injuried athletes
Tallinn University
Institute of Health Sciences and Sport
• Physical Performance
Testing (Assoc. Prof. Kristjan Port)
• Pedagogical Kinesiology
(analysis of sport technique
and performance)
(Prof. emer. Rein Haljand, Boriss Bazanov)
• Sport Psychology
(Sen. Res. Kaivo Thomson)
Cycling Testing Lab
(Indrek Rannama, MA)
Estonian Sport Medicine
Centre (in Tallinn)
• Physical performance
testing of athletes
• Health control of