Ontario Election 2011
Vote4MHA Campaign
Sheela Subramanian, Policy Analyst
Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario
Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Alliance
Who Are We?
10 mental health and addictions organizations:
• Consumer/survivor
• Family member
• Community
• Hospital
• Children and youth
• Addictions
Addictions Ontario
Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Children’s Mental Health Ontario
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
Ontario Association of Patient Councils
Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and
Addictions Programs
Ontario Peer Development Initiative
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
Schizophrenia Society of Ontario
+Over 80 supporting organizations across Ontario
Our Goal
Make mental health and addictions a priority
for the incoming government
o Party leaders/candidates hear that MH&A is a
priority for Ontarians
o Parties say how they will address the issues
o Voters raise MH&A issues in their ridings
o MH&A as part of election dialogue
Why Mental Health & Addictions?
• Almost all Ontarians impacted
• Costs are high
– Economic costs are over $30 billion in Ontario
– Social and human costs immeasurable
• Critical gaps remain
– Access to supports across Ontario
– Wait times
– Lack of leadership
Asks to Ontario’s Parties
1. Ensure equitable access to mental health and
addictions services and supports for every
2. Reduce wait times for children and youth
3. Improve access to supportive housing
4. Establish strong provincial leadership to address
MH&A across sectors and ministries
1. Equitable Access to
Services and Supports
• MH&A services and supports are not available
consistently across the province
Action Required
• Invest in MH&A services to ensure access to
core basket across Ontario to meet needs and
reduce service gaps
2. Reduce Wait Times for
Children and Youth
• 70 % of adults with a MH issue experience first
symptoms before age 18
Action Required
• Reduce wait times to ensure the MH&A system
is responding to the needs of kids and youth in a
timely way
3. Improve Access to
Supportive Housing
• People wait too long for the stable and
supportive housing critical to recovery
Action Required
• Improve access to supportive housing
4. Mobilize Leadership
• MH&A involves multiple ministries and sectors, but
coordination and leadership is lacking at gov’t level
Action Required
• Put in place gov’t leadership to coordinate action
across ministries and sectors.
• Consumers, families and providers must be involved
in all aspects of the system
As an Organization
1. Join the Network of Supporters
• Over 80 orgs across Ontario
2. Speak to candidates – Election Kit
3. Local media outreach
4. Spread the word
Network of Supporters
As an Individual
1. Letter campaign
• 2 minutes to write to leaders and
2. Spread the word
3. Speak to candidates
4. Vote!

Vote4MHA Campaign - CFUW Ontario Council