Postwar Social Changes
Chapter 16, Section 1
The Roaring Twenties
Women’s Lives
• Flappers were highly visible, but actually a
very small percentage. Most women saw
limited progress in the postwar years.
• While some women found careers, the home
was still the most important job. Labor-saving
devices became common in middle-class
homes in the 1920s
• Washing machines,
vacuum cleaners, and
canned foods made
chores less timeconsuming
Iron Jawed Angels
• Women pursued careers – sports, arts, pilots,
newspaper reporters, novelists, etc– but most
professions were still dominated by men.
Scopes (“Monkey”) Trial
Trends in Literature
• A loss of faith (T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land;
Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises)
• Many authors moved to Paris (Hemingway, F.
Scott Fitzgerald)
• Gertrude Stein: “The Lost Generation”
• Virginia Wolfe: Mrs. Dalloway
• Finnegan’s Wake: James Joyce
The Great Gatsby
Harlem Renaissance
Josephine Baker
Billie Holiday
Jazz Age
Scientific Discoveries
Albert Einstein
Enrico Fermi
• Nuclear physicist
• Quantum theory
• Manhattan project
Alexander Fleming
Sigmund Freud
New Trends in Art
New Trends in Art
Abstract Art
Art Deco
Art Deco
• Automatic Drawing & Automatic Painting
• Frottage
• Grottage