Bernice Neugarten:
An Advocate for the Aging
Denise White
Oklahoma State University
 Entered
University of Chicago at age 14
 Earned her Master’s of Educational
Psychology at 21
 Became an assistant to a professor at
University of Chicago
 Earned a Ph.D in Human Development
 Took
eight years off to raise children
 1951 – joined University of Chicago
 Asked to teach Maturity and Old Age
 The rest is history
 Spent
her life researching the impact of
aging on human development
 Wrote many important books and articles
on aging including the landmark
Personality in Middle and Late Life
 Appointed Deputy Chairman of the 1981
Conference on Aging
 Shattered stereotypes of older people
 Died on July 22, 2001, at the age of 85
 She
addresses all four factors of adult
 Her work focuses on the sociocultural
• A study of “age-appropriate” behaviors
• Impact of changing social roles in adult
 Adulthood, middle
age, and old age have
their unique developmental tasks
 Chronological age in adulthood cannot
measure the capacity for economic
status, intellect, or physical function
 Stereotypes of the elderly should be
new generation of older people called
the young-old exists.
• Differ from middle-aged in retirement
• Differ from old-old in health and vitality
 All
people experience a series of life
events and all societies have a social
expectation of “age-appropriate”
• On-time
• Off-time
 Do
you agree that there is a young-old
and an old-old?
 Have you ever been off-time? What were
the implications?
 Leave
a voice thread
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Bernice Neugarten Presentation