An Organizational Cultural Analysis of The Chicago Bulls
Steven Ellis, Hailey Maddix, Rachel Schlechter, Lizzy Shevins,
Evan Valk, Lukas Varney, Sam Zabawa
• Central Division in the
Eastern Conference
• Executive staff: Jerry
• Basketball operations: Gar
• Joined NBA in 1966
• Early struggles
• Michael Jordan era
– Six championships
– Six Finals MVP
• Derrick Rose era
Mission Statement
“The Chicago Bulls organization is a sports
entertainment company dedicated to winning
NBA Championships, growing new basketball fans,
and providing superior entertainment, value and
Many people. One attitude.
To dazzle our fans and sponsors.
Chicago Bulls mission statement. (2012). The Official Site of the Chicago Bulls. Retrieved October 15, 2012, from
Data Collection
Website analysis
Task Performance and Job Satisfaction:
Value-Percept Theory
• Jobs within organization supply what they value
– Coworker satisfaction
– Supervisor satisfaction
– Pay satisfaction
– Promotion satisfaction
Michael Reinsdorf (president)
Task Performance and
Job Satisfaction: Stress
• Time pressure is a major challenge stressor
• Utilize coping mechanisms
– Behavioral coping
– Training interventions
Task Performance and Job
Satisfaction: Motivation
• Major Features of motivation:
– Full time employees: Pension benefits, full
health care
– All employees: free lunch, networking
opportunities, prized bonuses, and a chance
to work with the players
• Always a chance to earn lump-sum bonuses
Task Performance and Job Satisfaction:
Trust, Justice, and Ethics
• Ethics and justice play a crucial role in the Bulls
Unethical to sell tickets to brokers outside of Chicago
• Trust creates increased task performance and
stronger commitment to the organization
Conflicts are kept within the department and
resolved by the respective supervisor
The Chicago Bulls encourage employees to pursue
best opportunities for their career
Organizational Commitment
• Definition: An employee’s desire to remain a
part of the organization.
• Three types of commitment
– Affective
– Continuance
– Normative
Organizational Commitment:
Affective Commitment
• Associated with feelings of loyalty and increased
interpersonal and citizenship behaviors
• Strong levels of affective commitment
– Community events are organized for
employees to promote goodwill and an
atmosphere of commitment
– Demonstrated by employee longevity as
many employees have worked for 25-30 years
Organizational Commitment:
Continuance Commitment
• Many Chicago Bulls employees, especially in ticket
sales, are recent college graduates or interns
– The need for job experience is a reason to stay
committed because jobs are hard to come by in
the sport industry
– To succeed, employees need the opportunity to
learn and network with industry professionals
• Company benefits also contribute
– Employees need health and insurance benefits to
ensure a high quality of life
Organizational Commitment:
Normative Commitment
• Internship Mentor Program
– Provide knowledge and insight to sport
– Provides opportunity in sports
• Charitable efforts
– EnergizaBulls Fitness Program
– United Center Joint Venture
– James Jordan Boys & Girls Club and
Chicago Bulls Family Center
– Ray and Joan Croc Corps
Community Center
• Meeting with employees as often as possible
– Building relationships
• Since 2010- no rush to change culture
– Fair and equal treatment of employees
• Decision-making
– Resistance to new leader since 2010
• Michael Reinsdorf
• Certain departments working collaboratively
• Must have high awareness of one another
• Reinforcement of each other
• Carla DeLio
• Pregame meetings: individual tasks and responsibilities
• Action team
• Coming together on game day
• Goal interdependence: overlapping vision of goals
• Kristina Kozica
•Team atmosphere promoted throughout department
Action team processes
• Continuing education program
Overall Description of Culture
• High satisfaction and commitment
– Long tenure
– Low turnover rate
• “Many people. One attitude.”
– Work towards a common goal
– Manifested on game days
Concluding Thoughts
Welcoming environment and effective leadership
Higher job satisfaction and task performance
“Many people. One attitude.
To dazzle our fans and sponsors”

An Organizational Cultural Analysis of The Chicago Bulls