Q1 What is a hallucination?
a- Misinterpretation of a stimulus.
b- Perception without stimulation.
c- False unshakable believe.
d- Thought content disorder.
e- Thought form disorder.
Q2 19 years old female came to her father
saying that she so a snake in the dish, her
father went to the kitchen and he only so a
robe in there. What is the best term
describing the phenomena?
a- She was experiencing a hallucination.
b- She was experiencing an illusion.
c- She had a delusion.
d- She was lying.
e- Non of the above.
Q3 One of the following is not part of cognitive
assessment in the mental state examination:
a- Affect.
b- Memory.
c- Concentration.
d- Orientation.
e- all of the above
Q 4 All of the following are antipsychotics
a- Risperidon.
b- Haloperidol.
c- Clozapine.
d- Depixol.
e- Amitriptyline.
Q5 All of the following are mood stabilizers
a- Lamotrigin.
b- Sodium valproate.
c- Phenytoin.
d- Lithium carbonate.
e- Olanzapine.
Q6 One of the following can be taken safely
during pregnancy:
a- Lithium.
b- Sodium valproate.
c- Carbamazapine.
d- Risperidon.
e- Non of the above.
Q7 34 years old male was brought by his brother
with complain of talking to self, thinking that
people are monitoring him, following him,
neglecting his personal hyeigine for the past 5
months, no previous mood disorder episode.
Patient was free of medical illness with no
history of drug use. What is the best
a- Acute psychotic episode.
b- Schizophreniform disorder.
c- Schizophrenia.
d- Bipolar affective disorder.
e- Delirium.
Q8 One of the following is a SSRI:
a- Imipramine.
b- Clomipramine.
c- Venlafaxine.
d- Fluxitine.
e- Amitriptyline.
Q9 A patient refused to go for a MRI scan, saying
that he become fearful if he is kept in a closed
space, start to sweat, his breath become
shortened, and his mouth become dry, and he
always avoid closed spaces. What is the type
of phobia he is experiencing?
a- Agoraphobia.
b- Claustrophobia.
c- Social Phobia.
d- Arachnophobia.
e- Non of the above.
Q10 A patient was brought to A/E with history of
abnormal behavior for 8 days, he was singing,
laughing, have elated mood, talkative,
cheerful, asking the female staff to marry him,
saying that he is the wealthiest man in the
world, his brother said that he spent 3000 BD
in the past week and that he didn’t sleep for 3
days, this is his first episode, what is the best
action to be done next?
a- Call the psychiatrist.
b- Urine toxicology.
c- CBC.
d- Thyroid function test.
e- Liver function test.
Q11 If the Psychiatrist decided to admit the
patient in the psychiatry ward, what will be
the best diagnoses?
a- Bipolar affective disorder.
b- Schizophrenia.
c- Schizoaffective disorder.
d- Delusional disorder.
e- Non of the above.
Q12 A patient is following the psychiatry clinic
regularly for the past 2 years, and he is on
Clozapine 300 mgs daily, what should the
resident do for medical checkup very 4 weeks?
a- CBC.
b- LFT.
c- TFT.
d- A and B.
c- A and C.
Q13 In the clinic a 23 years old gentle man came
to the clinic complaining of that science 4
months he is always worried about his wife if
she is late, or if she is outside home, calling
her very frequently, saying that he always has
the idea that she might have a RTA, and he
wants to get rid of these thoughts. What do
you think is/are the diagnosis/diagnoses?
a- Obsessive compulsive disorder.
b- Generalized anxiety disorder.
c- Delusional disorder.
d- a and b.
c- non of the above.
Q14 a 31 years old female came to the A/E with
history of loss of vision in the right eye just in
the past hour, her father said that she had a
fight with her mother after whom she lost her
vision, what is the best next step to be done?
a- CT scan.
b- Full neurological examination and measure
the blood pressure.
c- Call the psychiatrist.
d- Call the patient`s mother.
e- Reassure the patient and send her home.
Q15 A 70 years old male was brought by his son to
A/E with complain of that he is don’t know where
he is, don’t know his family members and that he
became aggressive toward them, the patient was
not cooperative during examination, all
investigation were within normal range, what is
the best answer?
a- Patient have dementia and he should be
admitted to the psychiatry hospital.
b- Patient has delirium and he should be referred to
the psychiatrist.
c- Patient has delirium and he should be referred to
the medical doctor.
d- Patient should be observed for 24 hours.
e-Give the patient haloperidol injection.
Q16 A known case of drug dependence came to
accident and emergency with complain of
body ache with excessive lacrimation and
nausea with vomiting, his blood pressure was
180/90 mmHg and his pulse was 110/min,
what is the substance whom he was
dependent on?
a- Diazepam.
b- Heroin.
c- Alcohol.
d- Cannabinoid.
e- Benzene.
Q17 One of the following is an SNRI:
a- Venlafaxine.
b- Ecitalopram.
c- Mirtazepine.
d- Midazolam.
e- Clonazepam.
Q18 A patient came to the clinic with care of police, he was attempting
to kill himself in the jail by hanging himself, patient mood was
euthymic but he had loss of interest for the past few months, his
weight decreased by 7 kgs in 2 months, and he was neglecting his
personal hyeigine, he is moving slowly and can't concentrate on the
doctor`s questions, he have excessive guilt feeling, he admitted
having death wishes and suicidal thoughts, patient was looking
downward with depressed affect, his speech tone was below
average, at times he was crying. What is the best answer?
a- Patient is malingering and faking the symptoms of major depressive
disorder to be admitted.
b- Patient has major depressive disorder and he needs to be admitted
and given antidepressant.
c- Patient has major depressive disorder and he needs to be admitted
and to be observed.
d- Give the patient an antidepressant and send him back to jail.
e- Give the patient a benzodiazepine and send him back to jail.
Q19 A 56 years old schizophrenia patient on
Depixol injection came to the clinic, his son
complained of that he started to have abnormal
movement in his mouth and lips science one
month, his mental state examination was the same
as previous visit, what is the most probable
a- Patient has tardive dyskinesia.
b- Patient has a kind of hallucination.
c- Patient has a kind of delusion.
d- Patient has muscle stiffness.
e- Non of the above.
Q20 All of these medications are
benzodiazepines except:
a- Clonazepam.
b- Midazolam.
c- Alprazolam.
d- Benzotropine.
e- Lexotanil.