About us
Mindmingle brain development pvt. Ltd., is an organization to
bring a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the
life of every human being in India by exploring the brain
We at Mindmingle believe that every human brain has an
unlimited potential.
But, most people go to their grave just using 5% of their brain
potential and 95% of their real brain potential is taken along
with them to their grave.
What a colossal waste of Human Brain !
Our mission is to educate the people about the benefit and the
need of
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)
and Mnemonics throughout the world.
Mingle mission is to make world masses noble as well as
financially free, if you help us to achieve to mingle mission. Its
our firm believe that you as well as your family becomes
financially free.
A Brain Development Company, are committed to bring
a meaningful transformation in the lives of children by
making them explore their brain power.
Mnemonics is a science as well as art to memorize what you See,
Listen, Do, Smell or Taste.
Mnemonics enables you memorize Long Answers, Facts,
Figures, Names, Faces, Events, Dates of history, Calendar of
many years, Telephone Numbers etc.
Mnemonics enables you use your right brain to memorize
anything for long term memory.
Mnemonics enables you use
your all the sense of your body
(sight, sound, touch, smell)
Key Benefits of Mnemonics* :
If this kind of development
happen in your child’s brain,
Develop Long
Term Memory
Memorize Dates,
Years & Names of
then do you think this will
help him in his studies ?
Yes !!!
We offer 2 full days Workshop on Mnemonics
*Mnemonics needs practice
Mnemonics is a blessing for all the students and professionals
More than 5 Lacs students from Delhi appear for JEE-IIT
More than 10 Lacs students from Delhi appear for CAT
More than 10 Lacs students from Delhi appear for IAS,
Medical other competitive exams
More than 15 Lacs students from Delhi appear for 10th & 12th
Class board exam.
2 Days workshop.
Workshop includes Breakfast, Tea-Coffee and Lunch
in the Hotel itself.
Workshop includes study material
Minimum participants in the workshop is 20 and maximum is 50
Dermatoglyphics is a Science in which patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the
fingers are studied.
Scientifically, no two people can have the same
Once a child is born his fingerprints are completely
And they remain unchanged till the end of life.
Fingerprint Formation
Ridges and brain of a fetus are
Each ridge has a direct
developed simultaneously from
connection with one or the
13th week of gestation period.
other neuron of our brain.
Body & Brain
Our entire body is controlled by our Brain
Brain has 2 parts, Left & Right
The Left part of our body is controlled by Right Brain.
And the Right part of our body is controlled by Left Brain.
So, our left fingers are the representative of Right Brain.
And our Right Fingers are the representative of Left Brain.
Dermatoglyphics History
Dermatoglyphics has 200 years of scientific research with analyzed and proven evidence in
anthropology, genetics, medicine & statistics.
In recent years U.S., Japan and Taiwan have applied
Dermatoglyphics to diagnose congenital disorders,
genetic abnormalities, educational fields, human resources
management, etc.
From early 70’s former soviet union scholars have been
applying Dermatoglyphics in selecting Athletes.
Dermatoglyphics has been a secret weapon in selecting
contestants for Olympics.
Dermatoglyphics Reference
Medical Palmistry,” Katherine St. Hill, 1929
The Hand As a mirror of Systemic Disease – Theodore J. Berry, MDFACP 1963
The Doctor’s Mann - Guide to Better Health Through Dermatoglyphics – Eugene Scheimann
- 1969
Hand of Clinical Dermatoglyphs - Musallam S Eibualy & Joan D Schinderier, University of
Miami Press, 1971
Dermatoglyphics in Medical Disorder – Blanka Schauman & Milton Alter – New York, Springer
Verlag 1976
Hand Psychology – Andrew Fitzherbert - 1989
Dermatoglyphics of Schizophrenics – Amrita Bagga – New Delhi , Mittal Publications, 1989
Trends in Dermatoglyphics Research – Norris M Durham 1990
The Learning Revolution – Leannette Vos & Cordon Dryden, 1994
The Emotional Brain – Joseph Le Daux, 1996
The Science of Fingerprints - U.S., Department of Justice, FBI
Frames of Mind – Dr. Howard Gardner, 1998
Dermatoglyphics Applications
Dermatoglyphics is being used in various field and multiple purposes like
Medical, Psychological, Health, Counseling, Education, HR, Career, Matrimonial,
Parenting and many more.
However, to start with, we are using it for Multiple Intelligences in Educational Field.
Let’s discover how !
Personality Trait Dr. William Morston’s theory
Multiple Intelligences
The theory of Multiple Intelligence, invented by Dr. Harvard Gardner
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Learning Styles
Dermatoglyphics revels 3 Learning Styles :
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Learning Methods
Affective Leaner
Imitate Learner
Self Cognitive Leaner
Reverse Thinker
Non-traditional Learner
Reflective Learner
ATD Angle
ATD angle has been in use for selecting many athletes in China, Taiwan,
Malaysia, Japan etc.
< 35 degree
Born Athletes
Sharp Observation
Agile task performing ability
Delicate Fine Motor Skills
Smart personal learning
Fast in clues
46 degree & above
Slow learner
Quotient (IQ)
= Linguistic +
Logical Intelligence
= Musical +
Visual Intelligence
Quotient (EQ)
= Interpersonal +
Intrapersonal Intelligence
Adversity Quotient =
Naturalistic +
Kinesthetic Intelligence
Some bitter truths
Research proves that
In India, more than14000
Another research
80% of the students
students commit suicide
proves that parents are
are under stress
every year
the key reason for this
Dermatoglyphics not only builds foundation for Mnemonics
but also benefits us in following areas :
Discover his Learning Style &
teach him accordingly
Set the expectation right
For any query, please feel free to contact us :