Aaron Lew Seng Leong
• Founder & Master Trainer
Outstanding Athletics Achievements
o Former Malaysia National Athlete
o World Class Adventure Racing Experience
o (Mild Seven Outdoor Quest 1999, 2001)
o Hong Kong AXN Challenge 2002 – Team
Singapore Leader
Founder of:
o Asian Triathlon Championship 2001 – Elite
o Co-operate Adventure Racing Team
Experience – Mild Seven, Site Forum, AXN
o Fishlike’s Ironman Western Australia 2012
- Team Leader
o TI Swim Leader
BPS Strength
Development Program
Triathlon Guru Training Methods include:
Total Immersion
What is the Triathlon Guru Training
It is a training system that focuses on:
• Energy efficiency
• Skills & formwork development
• Avoiding injuries in Triathlon Training
It is a training system with a vision to
“Re-educate” athletes the mind-body
training approach; promoting a more
balanced lifestyle, and transforming
athletes into a better educated and
mindful sportspersons.
For a fluent, efficient and
beautiful swim technique.
Zendurance Cycling
Ride with less effort,
increased comfort and
greater enjoyment.
Safe, efficient, natural
running technique to
reduce injury and
improve performance.
Strength Development
Develop and improve your
essential fitness
What is CORE Strength & Functional Strength? “6
Pack” is Core Strength?
Let our expert “COREman” to educate, develop and improve
your essential fitness foundation through CORE Guru BPS Strength
Development Program. You will swim, bike, run and carry out your
daily activities with:1) Better Balance
2) Improved Perception &
3) Stronger Core Strength & Stability
What is Core Guru BPS Strength
Development Program?
It is a collection of conditioning exercises that
focus on integrated movements for the whole
body, promoting Balance, improving
Perception (body awareness) and developing
Core Strength and Stability.
The program will improve athlete’s speed,
flexibility, co-ordination and agility. It can be
integrated into your existing training program,
improving your “Fitness Foundation” in a very
functional way.
A Revolutionary Approach to Energy-Efficient
& Injury-free Running
What is Chi Running?
It is a mind-body approach to running that
employs the deep power reserves in the
CORE muscles, and draws on the principle of
Tai Chi into running.
Chi Running mantra:
Focus your mind, Strengthen
your core, Run like the wind...
Who invented it?
Danny Drayer, a running coach, ultra
marathon runner and Tai Chi practitioner
based in Asheville, North Carolina, United
Chi Running teaches:1)Posture - Align shoulders, hips
and ankles in a straight line.
Former London Marathon winner Catherina
McKiernan and Total Immersion Founder Terry
Laughlin are fans to ChiRunning.
2) Forward Lean - Working with
The theory
3) Lift - Peel you feet off the ground, relax your ankles.
The word ‘Chi’ is Chinese, it refers to the
energy or ‘life force’ that runs through a
system of meridians, or channels, that
distribute this energy to all parts of the body.
4) Arm Swing - Swing your arms like a pendulum without
shoulder effort and without crossing waist centre line.
“The theory behind tai chi is that by practising
mental focus and relaxation, you can sense
and direct this energy” says Dreyer.
6) Gears & Cadence - Changing gear by leaning forward with
steady 85-90 strides per minute.
5) Pelvic Rotation - Allow your hip to rotate, don’t force them.
7) Looseners & stretches – Loosen up joints and muscles
for the ease of movement and injury prevention.

Core Strength and Stability - Triathlon