The Social Science Disciplines
The Social Sciences are those disciplines
that use research and analysis to examine
human behaviour.
They use such techniques as collecting and analyzing statistics,
conducting experiments, and examining what people have written and
created , in an attempt to understand why people act the way they do.
The Social Science Disciplines
In some ways, the social sciences are related to the humanities, or
subjects that focus on the creative side of the human experience (art,
music, literature, philosophy).
The Social Science Disciplines
Where the humanities are concerned more with human expression, the
social sciences focus more on human behaviour.
The Social Science Disciplines
Relationships among humans
and groups living together in
What are the functions of the
various groups in society and
what factors do people in these
groups have in common?
The study of the origins, organization, and institutions, and development
of human beings and how these findings apply to society today.
The Social Science Disciplines
The physical and cultural
development of human s
and their societies
What are the cultural
patterns that help define
these societies and the
people in them?
The study of the origin and the physical, social, and cultural development
and behavior of humans. This social Science deals with the origins of
wo/man by studying the development and customs of humans.
The Social Science Disciplines
The behaviour and thought
processes of the individual,
and the ways in which an
individual acts and reacts to
other humans and to society.
What is going on inside a
person’s mind that causes
them to behave this way?
The study of the mind and the ways of thought in an attempt to explain
the ways people think, act and feel. It is the science of mental process
and behavior. The emotions are studied.
The Social Science Disciplines
The production, distribution
and consumption of resources,
goods and services among
individuals and groups within a
How have people organized
the production and distribution
of goods and services?
The Social Science Disciplines
Political Science
The organizations people have
developed to make rules and
laws for their society.
How are people governed?
The Social Science Disciplines
The distribution of the
features of the physical
environment and of the
people who use those
How has society been
shaped by the use of the
land and its resources?
The Social Science Disciplines
Discuss the following scenarios with your group and determine how each of the
social sciences would address the scenario. Comment on which of the social
sciences would be most useful in assessing each scenario. Each person in your
group is responsible for completing his/her own organizer.

The Social Science Disciplines PPT