UN Convention on the Rights
of Disabled People
Scottish Civil Society Reporting on the
UK List of Issues
Dr Pauline Nolan
Inclusion Scotland
• National Disabled People’s Organisation
in Scotland
• Mission:
• Promote Equality and Human Rights
• Raise awareness of the barriers faced
by disabled people in Scotland
• Agree with and promote the Social Model
of Disability and Independent Living
UN CRPD Timeline
• UK ratification of UNCRPD – June 2009
• UK submitted its report to the UN – November
• 1st UN Scrutiny of UK Govt implementation of
UNCRPD – Spring 2016??
• Inclusion Scotland consultation – April -…
Inclusion Scotland nationwide
• Approach: Multi-strand equalities
and seldom heard voices
• ‘What’s got worse and what got better?’
• April: AGM and 3 further events
• Other organisations’ events
• Publication sent to local DPO’s
• Online Questionnaire
• 9 major human rights issues reported back by
disabled people
• Backed this up with evidence
from large-scale research by, e.g.
DWP, academics and big disability charities.
• Adequate Standard of Living
- Economic crisis,
- welfare reform, and
- cuts to social care
• Work and Employment
• Discrimination against
• Disabled women
• Black and ethnic minority disabled people
• LGBT disabled people
• Disabled children
• On the basis of disability and age.
• Negative stereotypes and poor public
• Blamed on negative political and media
• Freedom from torture and integrity of the
• Hate crime
• Abuse in care settings
• Access to Justice
• Tribunal fees for employment discrimination cases
• Access to Solicitors
• Fear of challenging service providers
• Access to Information
• Living Independently and being included in
the community
• Access to Housing and Transport
• Promotion of human rights
What’s next? Inclusion Scotland will
• Update our report to go to the UN
• Consult and engage with more disabled people
• Disabled people in care homes
• LGBT disabled people
• Disabled children
• “Grasping the thistle” workshops on difficult issues
• Mainstream vs specialist education
• Aspects of mental health service provision

Presentation on the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People