Immacolata Marino
September 27, 2014
Date of Birth: July 17, 1983
Nationality: Italian
Married, Mother of Antonio 4 years old
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Office Address Office E25
a di Napoli Federico II
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Statistiche
Via Cintia-Monte Sant’Angelo
80126 Napoli (Italy)
(+39 081675020)
Applied Microeconomics and Policy evaluation
Primary field: Microeconometrics and Political economy
Secondary: Household Economics and Consumption Inequality.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
“Luigi Arcuti” Fellowship Intesa San Paolo
• Research: Public policies and SMEs Internazionalization
Oct 2014 to present
Research Fellow
Sept 2013 to Sept 2014
Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Naples Federico II
• Relevant Fields: Evaluation of Public Policies, Fiscal Incentives and
Firm Dynamics.
• Supervisor: Professor Antonio Acconcia
Visiting Predoctoral Fellow
Sept 2012 to August 2013
Department of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Kellogg School of Management
• Relevant Fields: Public Spending, Empirics of Auctions, Public Procurement
• Supervisor: Professor Nicola Persico
Grants and
Postdoctoral Fellowship “Luigi Arcuti ” from Intesa San Paolo
Oct 1, 2014 to Sept 31, 2015.
Research Fellowship, “POR Campania FSE 2007/2013, Asse IV e Asse V, di cui ai
progetti reti di eccellenza tra Universit Centri di Ricerca Imprese, progetto REPOS
CUP B25B09000060009”
Sept 1, 2013 to Nov 31, 2014.
Phd Scholarship, Italian Ministry of Education
Nov 1, 2010 to Oct 31, 2013.
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PhD in Economics
May 2014
University of Naples Federico II
• Advisor: Professor Tullio Jappelli
• Dissertation: “Essays on the Unintended Effects of the Domestic Stability Pact”.
Visiting PhD Student
Ente Einaudi
Graduate Program 2011/2012
• Relevant fields: Microeconomics and Econometrics
Sept 2011 to Jul 2012
M.Sc. in Economics and Finance
University of Naples Federico II
Sep 2009 to Jun 2010
• Relevant courses:
Mathematics for economics and finance, Game Theory, Microeconomics I and II,
Macroeconomics I and II, Econometrics I and II, Time series econometrics, Asset
pricing, Derivatives, Portfolio management, Economics of regulation,
Corporate finance, Business analysis and valuation, Corporate governance, Forecasting, Panel data microeconometrics, Public economics.
M.A. in Economics and Statistics Sciences
Jan 2006 to Mar 2008
University La Sapienza
Rome, IT
• Grade: 110/110 cum laude
• Relevant courses:
International trade, Development economics, Economic history, Labor and personnel economics, Advanced macroeconomics, Applied macroeconomics, Advanced
mathematics for economic and social sciences, Mathematics for finance, Quantitative methods for insurance applications, Advanced econometrics
• Advisor: Professor Luigi Ventura
• Thesis: Tax incentives and household investment in complementary pension insurance: some recent evidence from the Italian experience
B.A. Statistics and Economics
Oct 2002 to Dec 2005
University La Sapienza
Rome, IT
• Grade: 110/110 cum laude
• Relevant courses:
Information technology, Statistics, Mathematics I and II, Applied Mathematics,
Probability, Inference, Multivariate statistics, Sampling design, Statistic methods, Advanced statistics for economics and social sciences, Political economics,
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Public economics, History of economic thought, Econometrics, English language.
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[1] I. Marino, F. Pericoli and L. Ventura, Tax Incentives And Household Investment In Complementary Pension Insurance: Some Recent Evidence
From The Italian Experience. Risk Management and Insurance Review,
2011, 14(2), pp. 157-309.
[2] Public Spending and Firm Outcomes.
(with D. Coviello, T. Nannicini and N. Persico).
[3] Fiscal Incentives and New Firm Formation (Project: Repos 2013-2014 ).
[4] Fiscal Rules and Politicians Behavior.
Book chapters
[5] T. Jappelli, I. Marino and L. Pistaferri, Consumption Inequality. Chapter in
“Disuguaglianze Diverse.” Edited by D. Checchi, il Mulino, Bologna, 2012 (in
Applied Economics Workshop
• Petralia Applied Economics Workshop
Summer School 2012
University Federico II
Naples, IT
• Repos project
Issues and methods for the Evaluation of Public Policies
Jul 2012/13/14
Sep 2012
Winter School 2012
Jan 2012
University of Verona
Alba di Canazei, Italy
• Winter School on Inequality and Social Welfare Theory
Wealth accumulation and distribution, Education and intergenerational mobility
Summer School of Econometrics 2011
Bertinoro, Italy
• Course of Econometrics for Phd students
Panel data Econometrics
• RA for Assonime- CEPR research project RELTIF
(Restarting European Long Term Investment Finance)
Sep 2011
Jul 2014 to present
• RA for Professors Tullio Jappelli and Mario Padula
Jan 2014 to Oct 2014
• RA for Professors Nicola Persico and Decio Coviello
May 2012 to Oct 2012
Teaching Assistant for Professor Antonio Acconcia
University of Naples Federico II
• Microeconomics (undergraduate)
• Econometrics (undergraduate) - Stata classes.
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Spring Term 2014
• Consultant for Associazione Medici per l’Ambiente - ISDE Italia (Dec 2013 – )
- Construction of the Database Epikit (in STATA) - based on the “SDO dataset”
from Italian Ministry of Health.
• Consultant for BidsMetrics LLC, Chicago (Jun 2012 –Oct 2012 )
- Analysis of Public Procurement data.
• Research Assistant for Reed Business Information Spa, Milan (May 2012– Oct 2012)
- Construction of a new panel database of Italian auctions.
• Iron Mountain SpA, Naples (Jun 2008– Jul 2010)
• Theorema Global Consulting Srl, Rome (Apr 2006– Aug 2006)
Stata (excellent);
Spss, LATEX, Sas, EasyReg, Gretl and Matlab (very good).
Italian (mother tongue) - English (fluent)
Available to
Tullio Jappelli (e-mail: [email protected]; phone: +39 081 675042 )
• Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of Economics
Department of Economics
University of Naples Federico II
Antonio Acconcia (e-mail: [email protected]; phone: +39 081 675096 )
• Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
University of Naples Federico II
Nicola Persico (e-mail:; phone: 1 (847) 461 6600)
• Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
Decio Coviello (e-mail: [email protected]; phone: 514-340-1601)
• Assistant Professor
HEC Montr´eal - Institute of Applied Economics
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