Universita’ Commerciale
Luigi Bocconi
In the words of its first Rector and President,
Leopoldo Sabbatini, Bocconi's mission is to
"promote harmony between school and life."
Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the
first Italian university to grant a degree in
For a century, Bocconi has played a leading
role in Italy's social and economic
modernization. It has remained true to its
founding values of being a major research
university, with democratic values and open to
the world, as well as financially and politically
At the outset of the 21st century, Bocconi is
contributing to the advancement of European
higher education by teaching business and
economic knowledge to prospective managers
and researchers from all over the world.
An International University
Over 180 partner universities in 50 Countries on all 5
Founding member of CEMS (Community of
European Management Schools) and member of
the PIM (Partnership in International Management)
network, also hosting the secretariat office
In 2005 Bocconi adopted a new Strategic
Plan which will guide the school until 2015.
In order to guarantee greater functionality
and effectiveness in managing the programs,
all activities have been divided among five
Educational offer
• the UNDERGRADUATE SCHOOL offers three-year
Bachelor programs
• the GRADUATE SCHOOL includes Master of
Science programs, Specialized Master programs and
Specialization Courses
• the SCHOOLS includes the Combined Bachelor and
Master of Science in Law and the other programs
offered in the legal field
• the PHD SCHOOL offers a range of doctoral
promotesand organizes post-graduate educational
programs and post-experience training
Undergraduate school
The Undergraduate School coordinates and
Bachelor taught in English
•Bachelor of International Economics, Management and Finance
Bachelors taught in Italian
•Bachelor of Business Administration and Management (Italian
•Bachelor of Economics and Finance (Italian site)
•Bachelor of Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and
Communication (Italian site)
•Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences (Italian site)
Graduate school
The following programs are part of the Graduate School:
• International Management
• Marketing Management (in English or Italian)
• Finance (in English or Italian)
• Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and
• Economic and Social Sciences (in English or Italian)
• Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology
• Management (in Italian)
• Accounting, Corporate Finance and Control (in Italian)
• Economics and Management of Public Administration and
International Institutions (in Italian)
• Law and Business Administration (in Italian)
International opportunities
• 1,200 students spend a semester abroad through the
Exchange Program, CEMS, Double Degree, Themis and
Free-Mover Semester
• About 550 Bocconi students take part in short programs
(Campus Abroad International Case Competitions and
Simulations, Free-Mover Summer Program)
• More than 550 opportunities for short internship programs
abroad in international institutions, NGOs, Italian Diplomatic
Delegation, Italian Chamber of Commerce and Companies
(extra EU)
About 1,000 foreign exchange students coming from
Bocconi's international network spend 1 semester in Milan.
Why Milan?
Situated at the centre of an area of about 10 million inhabitants, such as
London or Paris
Produce 10% of the domestic GDP, a level equal to Brussel’s or Madrid’s
have a per-capita revenue that is almost twice the domestic one and an
unemployment level as low as half of Italy’s as a whole.
Register 40% of the new innovation patents, equal to Boston’s annual
production sell 10 million tickets yearly for art, music and cinema shows,
based on the same population rate of Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona
House 650 fashion show-rooms, in competition with Paris and New York are
the Italian center for voluntary service and the tertiary industry
Great night life!!!
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