Faculty Salary Equity Study
Overview of
Proposed Study Design
Sam Connally
Vice President for Human Resources
Faculty Salary Equity Study
The University is committed to ensuring
that faculty salaries are competitive in
relation to market value and equitable in
relation to gender and race or ethnicity.
The Provost has appointed an ad hoc
Faculty Salary Equity Study group to
develop a model for evaluating internal
salary equity during FY 11-12.
Study Group Members
Beth Boehm, Interim Dean SIGS
Sam Connally, VPHR & EEO Officer
Tracy Eells, Vice Provost
Pamela Feldhoff, Faculty Senate Rep
Bob Goldstein, Institutional Research
Cynthia Logsdon, COSW Rep
Linda Shapiro, 2001 Study Group Rep
Charles Sharp, CODRE Rep
Faculty Salary Study Webpage
 Include all Probationary & Tenured
Faculty (but not term or contract faculty).
 Include Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty
(.80 FTE and above).
 Include Faculty at Rank of Assistant
Professor or Above.
 Include department chairs & assistant or
associate deans in home department.
(Exclude deans and vice presidents.)
 Include Faculty on Leave
 Include All Academic Disciplines, with the
following clarifications and limitations:
 Include Basic Science Faculty in School of
Medicine; but exclude Clinical Faculty
 Include Nursing, Dentistry
 Include Library Faculty
 Include faculty in centers, programs, and
institutes in home academic department
 Include academic base salaries and
academic supplements only; with all
salaries adjusted to 10-mo, full-timeequivalent values.
Proposed Study Model
 Use Standard Regression Analysis to
identify salary variation only.
 Individual, qualitative review of “salary
outliers” by Chairs, Deans, & Provost.
 Proposed Predictor Variables:
Academic Discipline
Rank within Discipline
Market Value for Rank within Discipline
Years in Current Rank
Proposed Study Model
 Proposed “Test” Predictor Variables
 Gender
 Race or Ethnicity (Total Minority)
 Base Comparison Groups on CIP Codes
 Four-digit CIP Codes, where possible
 Two-digit CIP Codes, if necessary
 Potential Thresholds for Salary Outliers
 Actual salary more than Two Std Deviations
below predicted salary.
 Actual Salary more than 10% below
predicted salary.
 Other thresholds may be tested.
Next Steps
 Solicit Campus Review on Study Model
COSW – Dec 2
Faculty Senate – Dec 7
CODRE – Dec 9
CAO – Dec 21
 Define & Validate Scope
 Deans to review rosters of included faculty.
 Define & Validate CIP Codes
 Deans to review faculty CIP Codes.
 Define & Validate Comparison Groups
 Deans to review final comparison groups.
Additional Study Issues
 Test salary equity for individual race and
ethnicity, in addition to “total minority”
compared to “total non-minority.”
 Consider successor study to evaluate
salary equity among term faculty.
 Consider separate study to assess
whether women and minorities are
disproportionately represented among
term faculty.
 Consider separate study of clinical
faculty in School of Medicine.

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