IMESS: International
Masters in Economy,
State & Society
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• The leading two-year programme in comparative
area studies
• Developing in-depth knowledge and understanding of
Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltics,
Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia
• Recognized by Erasmus Mundus
• Programme Director: Dr Allan Sikk ([email protected])
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Two-year programme
• Year one at University College London (UCL)
• Year two in partner university:
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
University of Belgrade
Charles University in Prague
Corvinus University of Budapest
University of Helsinki
Jagiellonian University, Krakow
University of Tartu
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Three study tracks
• Economics and Business
• Politics and Security
• Nation, History and Society
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IMESS Programme
• Language training
– One or both years
• Research methods
• Specialist electives
• Research dissertation
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• Over 100 students have entered the IMESS
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Student satisfaction
Ilona Mostipan (Ukraine)
I was looking for a programme in economics and, attracted by the
participation of a highly ranked British university and mandatory mobility
within Europe, I decided that the IMESS economics track would be a good
choice for a specialized Master’s programme. By the end of the first
semester at UCL, the programme had already exceeded my expectations
Zachary Rothstein (United States):
After finishing my undergraduate degree, I was looking for a Masters
programme that combined academic rigor, international immersion, and a
varied programme of study. IMESS fit the bill perfectly.
Intellectual and
social experience
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Associate Partners
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (London)
Slavonic Library of Czech National Library (Prague)
Tartu Science Park (Tartu)
Hungarian Foreign Affairs Society (Budapest)
European Development Agency (Prague)
National Library of Serbia (Belgrade)
International Organisation for Migration
Transparency International (UK)
British Library (London)
AIESEC Praha (Prague)
International Cultural Centre, Poland
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Career prospects
• Graduates have taken positions in distinguished
private and public sector organisations …
• … including in the IMF, EBRD, Risk Control,
banks and financial institutions, diplomacy and
media, civil service, self-employment.
• Many have also continued on into doctoral
Applications and
w w w. i m e s s . e u
• IMESS Scholarships available
• Deadline for scholarship applications:
22 April 2014
• Deadline for applications:
August 2014
• Enquiries: [email protected]

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