Evan Gurney
Detroit Tigers
Kid at heart
3.93 GPA
Class rank is 9
4 Advanced Placement classes
30 ACT score
Dual Enrollment
Cadet Teacher
Student Council member
National Honor Society member
Junior Varsity Basketball
Girl Scouts
Employed at Culver’s
• Career Pathways:
• Health Sciences and Human Services
• Career Goal:
• Child Psychiatrist
• Short Term Goals:
• By June 2012, I will have graduated in the
Top 10 of my class.
• By fall of 2012, I will be attending Michigan
State University.
• Long Term Goals:
• By June of 2016, I will have graduated with a
Psychology B.S. degree, and completed my premedical requirements.
• By fall of 2016, I will be attending the University
of Chicago medical college, specializing in
mental health.
• Life Goals:
• In four years, I will be living in a high rise
apartment in downtown Chicago.
• In ten years, I will be married and a home-owner,
wherever in Michigan I can be employed.
• Job shadow:
• Social worker at Carter Middle School
• College visits:
• University of Chicago
• Michigan State University
• ADS Competition, Green Carpet Day, etc.
• Michigan State University:
• Walter and Shirley Sperber Scholarship
• $1,000 per semester and renewable for up to 8
• Social Security benefits from the government
• Resident Assistant
• Attend Michigan State University
• Beginning with at least 14 credits
• Honor’s College
• Premedical
• Psychology major
• Attend medical school
• Internship
• Mental health specialization
• Become a child psychiatrist
• Possibly open my own practice
Graduate high
school in June 2012
Attend Michigan
State University in
fall of 2012
Graduate from med
Intern in Chicago
Obtain a job as a
child psychiatrist
Attend a medical
school in Chicago
Take the MCAT and
apply to several
medical schools
Earn Bachelor’s
degree and
complete pre-med
Any Questions?
Evan Gurney
Intelligent, caring, funny, sporty
Michigan State University
Medical School
Child Psychiatrist

Senior Exit Presentation Clio High School 2012