EAS Higher Degree by Research
Christobel Kelly
Reimagining The Aeneid and its
savage children: an examination of
the merging of human and animal
nature, and its link to the abject.
Christobel Kelly, 2012, sugarlift aquatint on steel plate,
27 x 30cm
Christobel Kelly, 2012, Searching for Romulus,
sugarlift aquatint on steel plate, 27 X 30cm
Mimmo Paladino, 2008, Olimipiadi , etching, aquatint and direct acid
80.5 x 60 cm
Christobel Kelly, 2012, Camilla, three plate colour monotype print,
42 x 51cm
Jazmina Cininas, Else of Meersburg c.1450 2007,
reduction linocut 24.5 x 35.0 cm
Christobel Kelly, And Raised her as a Warrior, 2012,
sugarlift aquatint on steel plate, 27 X 20cm
Christobel Kelly, Circle of Animals, 2012, sugarlift aquatint on steel plate,
60 x 80cm
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