• Develop Worldwide Relationships and Networks
• Broaden Your Experience
• Learn a New Language
• Explore Your Heritage
• Improve Your Professional Potential
• Gain New Perspectives On Own Country
• Research Available Locations
• Speak With Study Abroad Adviser 1 Year Before
Program Start Date
• Speak With Your Preceptor
• Application Deadline
“Experiencing new cultures and new lands
opens eyes, strengthens individuals and paves
pathways towards compassion. You may
return with a better sense of appreciation for
your country, or ideas for alternative life
Stockton Students
“I most cherish memories of the host
family with which I have remained in
contact with and seen during my many
trips to Spain.”
Stockton Students
Study Abroad will enhance your ability to:
• Adapt to changing environments
• Thrive in diverse society
• Develop professional cross-cultural networks
• Learn quickly and effectively
• Handle stress
• Understand cultural differences and similarities
• Cooperate
• Communicate despite barriers
• Identify problems and utilize available resources to
resolve them
• Initiative
• Enthusiasm
• Inquisitiveness
• Interest in continuous
• Courage
• Self-reliance
• Self-confidence
• Self-control
• Self-knowledge
• Positive outlook toward
• Independence
• Appreciation of Diversity
• Perseverance
• Creativity
• Flexibility
• Comfort with uncertainty
• Open-mindedness
• Language and Communication
• Assertiveness
• Sense of humor
To Find Out How You Can Study Abroad, Please Contact:
The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Office of International Services
India Karavackas, Director
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
Available Programs
* Study Abroad
* Faculty Led Tours
* Semester at Sea
Study Abroad
Students can spend a semester or a year studying abroad. Students
can enroll in a:
Foreign Institution
Internship Abroad
• Must be enrolled in 2 consecutive semesters immediately prior the
semester/year abroad
• Minimum Cumulative GPA 2.5. In some programs 3.0
• Fill out an Application and include:
a. Non-refundable Application Fee
b. Copy of an official transcript
c. 3 letters of reference
d. Essay demonstrating your goals and interests for studying abroad
Faculty Led Tours
One to four week group trips to a foreign or domestic
destination during the winter, spring or summer break.
Foreign destinations (recent trips): Costa Rica; South
Africa; Australia; Germany; England; Ireland; Hungary;
Netherlands; Israel
• Most tours are open to all Stockton students. Some may
be restricted to Juniors/Seniors or require permission of
To successfully process your Study Abroad program you must:
Register for INTL 3000 before the beginning of program
• For Fall Semester by August 1st
• For Spring Semester by January 1st
After completion of program request your official transcript
from school of study or third party provider be sent to the
Office of Student Records at the Richard Stockton College of
New Jersey for the purpose of evaluation and transfer of
• Scholarships are available to fund International Education:
AIFS Study Abroad
SIT Study Abroad – Pell Match Scholarship Program
Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship
NSEP David L. Boren Scholarships and Fellowships and more…
• Follow Financial Aid Instructions to utilize your Financial
Air award as payment for Study Abroad:
First Step
•A cost sheet completed by the Study Abroad
Coordinator must be submitted to the
Financial Aid Office by students who need
additional financial aid.
How it Works
• A student’s cost of attendance is adjusted to
include the additional costs associated with the
Study Abroad Program.
• A student’s Financial Aid award (loans, grants,
scholarships, etc.) can be applied to the cost
of the Study Abroad Program.
If Financial Aid is Not Enough
• Students can apply for additional funding:
alternative loans
own resources.
• Apply for alternative loans by clicking on the
Education Loans link on the financial aid
What Happens After
• The student will provide a confirmation of
Financial Aid form supplied by the Study
Abroad Program Provider (International Studies
Abroad, GlobaLinks, etc.) to the Financial Aid
• The Financial Aid Office will confirm the
student’s financial aid awards and submit the
form to the Study Abroad Program Provider
(International Studies Abroad, GlobaLinks,
How Payment is Processed
• Students must provide a copy of their invoice
(supplied by the Study Abroad Program
Provider) to the Bursar’s Office.
• Once Financial Aid funds are disbursed to the
college, the Bursar’s Office will provide
payment directly to the Study Abroad Program
• Cost of living in some countries is less than in the U.S.
• Learn more about available programs – not all programs cost
the same
• Air travel can be a significant portion of the expenses.
Explore student discounts, flights to popular destinations or
countries close to home
Living Arrangements Vary By Location
Possibilities Include:
• University Housing
• Meal Plan (in most cases)
• Private home with Host Family
• Meals provided
• Sharing a rental apartment
• You are responsible for own meals
• Boarding Houses
• You are responsible for own meals
The Office of International Services at the Richard Stockton College of
New Jersey would like to thank the following contributors for their
picture captions:
Grand Valley State University
• Colorado State University
• Transitions Abroad
• Mary Baldwin College
• University of Wisconsin-Eau Clair
• Virginia Tech University
• Study Abroad – Australia
• Western Washington University
• Bainbridge College
• Study Abroad – China
• Georgia State University
• University of Vermont
Institute of Study Abroad – Butler University
• Duke University
• Study Abroad University Blogs
• AllAbroad.us

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