Multi-Application Pulsed Light System
What is Intense Pulsed Light?
• Broad Spectrum Light Source
– 420 to 1200 nm Wavelength Range
– Wavelength Range is Filtered to Provide Multiple Application
• Delivered in Millisecond Bursts
– Variable Pulse Width, Pulse Delay, and Number of Pulses for each
• High Energy Output
– Up to 50j/cm2 or less to reach desired clinical outcome
Why Use Intense Pulsed Light?
• Broad wavelength range allows for multiple
– Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Pigmented Lesions, Vascular
Lesions, Acne, Small Veins, Rosacea, Fine Lines, Skin Tightening
• Large spot size for faster hair removal
– 40 x 10mm square spot Vs 6, 8, 10, 12mm round spot
• Popularity of skin rejuvenation treatments
– Excellent for clearance of sun damage, pigmented lesions, vascular
lesions, fine lines, and acne
• High value
– Lower cost technology with multiple applications
What is Variable Pulsing?
Variable Pulsing is a new method of delivering
Pulsed Light energy in a safe and effective manner.
IPL has not always been the safest technology to
use. Many times practitioners had to sacrifice
efficacy for safety. Variable pulsing is a way of
manipulating the pulse width, pulse delay, and
number of pulses in an effort to balance safety and
efficacy. These manipulations dramatically alter the
way the energy is delivered to the skin and allow total
control for the physician.
Variable Pulse Capabilities
Why Variable Pulsing?
Optimal method of pulsing for balancing clinical
results with patient safety.
Individual pulses are very short
High “Peak Power” to destroy target
Delay between pulses are longer
Allows for energy to disperse, skin naturally cools (Thermal
Relaxation Time)
The technology is able to vary the number of
pulses, pulse duration, and delay
Total control for physician
Automatic Parameter Selection
The NaturaLight has a series of
preprogrammed parameters
– These parameters are based on the skin type of
the patient and the structure of the target.
• Ex: Fine vs. Coarse hair follicle
• Ex: Larger facial vessel vs. Diffuse redness
• Ex: Skin Type 1 – 6
Each skin type and structure combination are
matched up with a specific pulse width, pulse
delay, and number of pulses (variable pulse).
Why Automatic Parameter
• Increased ease of use for Physician, Nurse,
or Technician performing treatments
– “Built-In” optimal setting
– Reduced learning curve
• Better patient safety
– Wrong settings for skin type is a usual factor in complication for
other pulsed light systems
– Skin type is a key setting in building specific pulse characteristics
• Increased efficacy
– Software identifies the size/intensity of each structure
• Manual settings available for advanced users
– Allows for more aggressive settings
IPL - Applications
• Hair Removal
– Fast, Effective, Safe
• Skin Rejuvenation
– Pigmented Lesions, Sun Damage, Age spots
• Skin Tightening
• Vascular Lesions
– Small Veins, Rosacea, Hemangioma
• Acne
– Can be used in conjunction with ALA
Hair Removal with IPL
Hair Removal Light Guide
640 – 1200nm
4cm2 area, up to 1 Pulse/second
Cost Dependent on Area Covered
1 Week Post Treatment
3 Weeks Post Treatment
After 3 treatments
(9 weeks)
Also notice acne improvement
After 6 treatments
(6 months)
Notice improvement in
Skin Pigmentation
After 6 treatments
(6 months)
Sample Hair Removal Charges
Bikini (Brazilian)
Legs (Full)
Skin Rejuvenation IPL
Skin Rejuvenation Light Guide
(530 – 1200nm)
4cm2 area, up to 1 Pulse/second
$250 - $300 per Treatment (face)
3 to 5 Treatments about 1 Month Apart
IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation
Pigmented Lesions
• Pigmentation - Smooth the skin texture and
reduce pore size.
• Sun damage (Photo-aging)
• Treatments reduce fine lines, freckling and
irregular pigmentation
Pigmentation Problems
Pigmentation Treatment
Courtesy of John Tanneyhill
Pigmentation Treatment
Courtesy of Focus Medical
Pigmentation Treatment
Immediate Post Treatment
30 days later
Courtesy of Saratoga Aesthetics
Vascular Treatments
Vascular Lesion Light Guide
$250 - $300 per Treatment – Roseaca
$150 - $200 per Treatment – Vein or Vascular Lesion
3 – 4 Treatments for Roseaca
1 – 3 Treatments for Veins or VL
About 1 Month Apart
Vascular Treatments
Vascular Lesions
Rosacea - Treatments reduce the overall redness
and flushing.
Facial Veins – Small broken capillaries up to
1mm diameter
Other Vascular Lesions – hemangioma, cherry
angioma, PWT
Small Facial Veins
Skin Tightening
Skin Tightening Light Guide
800 –1400nm
About 3 - 4 Treatments
Can be performed directly following
other IPL Treatments
Skin Tightening
Courtesy of John Tanneyhill
Acne Treatment
Acne Light Guide
450 –1200nm
About 5 – 6 Treatments
NaturaLight IPL - Specifications
Energy Density
Pulse Width
Spot Size
Power Supply
Up to 50 J/cm2
Up to 460ms
up to 1Hz
LCD Screen
40 x 10mm2
35x 45 x 26cm
40 lb
110V 60hz
Variable Pulse Width
Automatic Parameter Selection
High Power
NaturaLight IPL
Distributed by:
New Laser Science, Inc.

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