Addressing Wrinkles with
Botox & Dermal Fillers
The Science of Beauty
Studies have shown
that individuals who
feel good about the
way they look:
lead more
productive and
happier lives
can actually live
• Prevention is the most
overlooked, yet the most
fundamental step.
• There are several parts:
– Sun / UV avoidance
– Reduce tobacco intake
– Healthy nutrition –
vitamins, minerals, water
That’s Better!
• Botox is used most
often in the upper face
• A gentle wrinkle relaxer,
taken from nature
• Highly preventative of
wrinkle progression
• Quick – Comfortable
• No downtime
• Lasts for months
• Dramatic Improvement
Safety Profile
• Botox has a been used on millions of patients
for 20 years
• Botox is far safer than any medicine in your
medicine cabinet. In fact aspirin or Tylenol can
be more dangerous than Botox.
• Botox is a local treatment – it is not filtered by
the liver or kidneys
• Botox can be used in children as young as 2
yrs old, or in the very frail elderly as a medical
treatment for muscle spasms
Botox – how does it work?
• Botox is a muscle relaxant
• Botox PREVENTS wrinkle progression
• Botox can be used with all other types
of anti-aging treatments
How does Botox work?
• Relaxes the muscles which cause the
wrinkles formed by movement.
– Botox is both preventative in future
wrinkle development and active in treating
current wrinkles
– Fillers can be used in conjunction with
Botox for additional reduction of the
wrinkles at rest (crush damage)
How Botox works
• Botox is
absorbed by
the nerve root
that supplies
the overactive
Signal is blocked from
nerve to muscle
• Once inside cell,
botox release of a
substance called
• This is what stops
the nerve from
activating the
What happens as the
Botox ‘wears off?’
• Botox needs to be repeated every
several months - the nerves ‘regrow’
and the muscles resume activity.
• Results tend to last longer with
subsequent treatments (as a result of
muscle weakening)
• It will take up to 7-10 days to see the
results after the first treatment
How Botox ‘wears off’
• The nerve begins to
grow a new contact
point with the muscle
Botox ‘wears off’
• The new nerve
muscle junction
begins to work
and the wrinkles
• It is now time for
Botox Expectations
• Botox prevents further wrinkle progression
when used regularly
• Botox acts at the level of the muscle – it
cannot remove ‘crush-damage’ that already
exists in the skin – this refers to wrinkles you
have at rest.
• Botox may relieve headaches in some people
• Satisfaction rates with Botox exceed 95%
How long do the
effects last?
• First treatments wear off the fastest
»Avg. 3 months
• Subsequent treatments last longer
»Avg. 4-6 months
• Results vary, some people experience
results for longer or shorter periods
• Longevity can be improved by increasing the
dose of Botox in subsequent sessions
Any side effects?
• Most individuals do not experience any
• If there is a side effect, the most common are
related to the fact that an injection has been
given and include:
Slight tenderness at the injection site
Pin point bleeding – very brief
Transient swelling – very brief, like an insect bite
Temporary bruising – can be concealed if desired
Unlikely chance of local infection
What happens
after a treatment?
• Aftercare is very simple
• You can do everything normally
(including applying make up, taking
your routine medications, working,
exercise, etc)
When will I see results?
• It takes time for the Botox to start working
• 7-10 days to see full effects
Follow up
• Follow up: We require a routine follow up
appointment 2 weeks after your first Botox
• Please call anytime if you have concerns
or questions
Botox Before & After
Day 30
Unretouched clinical trial photos taken while frowning before BOTOX®
Cosmetic and after BOTOX® Cosmetic. Individual results may vary.
Active Brow
34 units of
Active Brow
Botox Before and After
Crow’s Feet
How much does
a treatment cost?
• Costs depend on your dose
• Complimentary consult to discuss
Dermal Fillers
Wrinkles, Lips &
Volume Loss
Injected Fillers
• Dermal Fillers are
used in:
– Lip enhancement
– Volume replacement
– Wrinkles and folds
How do injectable fillers
• Quite simply – fancy Jello
• A small needle is used to position the
filler under the wrinkle or in an area of
volume loss
• Immediate results!
What are injectable fillers
made of?
• Hylauronic acid and/or Collagen
• A naturally occurring gel found in our eyes
and in our joints
• The gel is made in a laboratory, as a copy of
our own naturally occurring type
• No animals or other human products are
used in it’s production
How long do the effects
• Individual results do vary, however, the
average person experiences 4-8
months of correction
• As the gel breaks down, return for
another session
Where does the filler go
when it breaks down?
• The filler breaks down into smaller
• Eventually the pieces dissolve down
into water and is fully absorbed &
removed by the body
• No trace of the filler remains after it has
been broken down
Is there anyone who can’t
be treated?
• As there are no studies during
pregnancy, we opt not to treat women
who are currently pregnant
• Allergy to Hylauronic acid is very rare,
but we can not treat anyone who has
had an allergic reaction in the past
How do I prepare for
• Treatments require 30-60 minutes
• Often a topical freezing is required
Please use a freezing cream if you have
no history of allergy to freezing.
• Using a needle to inject the gel disturbs the
• In response to the stimulation the tissue will
be pink and there will be some swelling
• In general:
• Facial lines/wrinkles - mild swelling 1-2 days
• Lips – moderate swelling 2-4 days
Aftercare –
decrease swelling
• Cool compress to reduce swelling
• Compress frequently starting right after your
treatment – 10 min at a time
Nasolabial folds
Nasolabial folds
Lip Lines & Lips
How much does a
treatment cost?
• Cost depends directly on the number of
syringes used
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