Skin Pigmentation
 Melanin in the Melanocyte Cells
 Eumelanin Black/Brown Pigment
 Pheomelanin Red/Yellow Pigment
 Response to UV Radiation
 Pigmented Cells
Resistant to Damage by Sun
Protected From Melanin Antioxidants
 Unpigmented Cells
Sensitive to Sunlight Damage
Protected by Glutathione/Selenomethionine
of Glutathione/Selenium
Protect Skin from UV Radiation which generate free
radicals that cause skin damage and hyperpigmentation
GSH redirects synthesis to the light (Pheomelanin)
instead of the dark (Eumelanin)
Inhibits enzyme tyrosinase that synthesizes dark melanins
Skin Cell’s become more resistant to UV exposure
(Brigarti, 2003)
(Burke, 1997)
Skin Brightening
Thione Complex™ lozenges with:
 Glutathione & Selenomethionine
 Plus Antioxidant Vitamins C & E
 And the Glutathione Depigmenting Enzymes
 A complement to the Skin Brightening Products
 Free Radical Scavenging Functions to Reduce UV
Radiation to the Skin
 Works From Within To The Skin®
 Blotchy Hyper-pigmentation of Face
 Associated with Pregnancy
 Topical Therapy
 Hydroquinone,
 Retinoic Acid
 Thione Complex™
 Oral Therapy with Glutathione/Selenium
 Reduces UV Radiation Impact on Affected Skin
 Induces Glutathione Enzymes
 Promotes Synthesis of Clear Melanin
 Inhibits Tyrosinase Enzyme that Makes Dark Melanin
The Aging Skin
 Chrono-aging
 Sagging Skin
 Photo-aging
 Wrinkles and Pigmented Lesions
 Ultraviolet Radiation
 Acute: Sunburn
 Chronic: Oxidative Damage
 Pre-malignant Lesions
(Keratosis, Moles)
 Malignancy
Squamous/Basal Cells
Malignant Melanoma
Influence of Glutathione Levels in
Melanin Synthesis
 Pathways to Melanin Synthesis
High GSH

(Dark Pigment)
(Dark Pigment)
High GSH levels influence pathway toward the production of greater
amounts of clear pigment (Pheomelanin) in skin cells