Adobe Department of State BPA
Kick Off Meeting
October 29th , 2010
DoS Adobe BPA - SAQMMA10A0398
DoS / Adobe BPA Contract Overview
Adobe Government Dedicated DOS Resources
DoS Adobe BPA Value Added Services
License Portal
Support Option Discussion
Confidential & Proprietary
DoS / Adobe BPA Contract Overview
Contract # :SAQMMA10A0398
Period of Performance: 09/29/2010-09/28/2015
•Products Included on BPA
•Adobe Creative Suites Products
•Adobe Connect
•Adobe Acrobat
•Agreememt Ceiling Amount
•DoS CLP Details
•CLP Program Number: 4400218345
•Program Administrator: Anne Marie Sheppard
•Licensing Program: CLP 5.0 Teir 2 Discount Level
•PoP of CLP: 10/08/2010 – 10/07/2012
•BPA Purchasing Instructions
•Remit Order to below address
Carahsoft Technology Corp. 12369 Sunrise Valley Dr., Suite D2 Reston, VA 20191
Confidential & Proprietary
Phone: 703.871.8621
Fax: 703.871.8505
Carahsoft/Adobe Dedicated Department of State
Carahsoft Sales Support
Adobe DoS Sales Account Rep.
Primary Point of Contact
Matt Jester
Direct: 703.871.8621
Email: [email protected]
Adobe Connect Sales Support
Jenna Hafey
Direct: 703.871.8561
Email: [email protected]
Adobe Sales Director
Cortney Elliott
Direct: 703.871.8510
Email: [email protected]
DoS Adobe Creative Suites Specialist
Laura Rich
Adobe, Inc.
Direct: 301.871.3541
Email: [email protected]
DoS Adobe Connect Specialist
John Gardiner
Adobe, Inc.
Email: [email protected]
DoS Adobe AcrobatSpecialist
Josh Pearson
Adobe, Inc.
Direct: 703.867.3002
Email: [email protected]
Carahsoft, President
Craig P. Abod
Direct: 703.871.8501
Email: [email protected]
Dedicated Email: [email protected]
Dedicated Phone: 703.871.8621
Confidential & Proprietary
BPA Website:
DoS BPA Value Added Services
• Dedicated Account Manager
•Single Point of Contact for all DoS employees
•Assist with all aspects of BPA
•Quarterly Reports
•Provide Quarterly reports to DoS
•Report information back to DoS on software purchased through BPA
•Assist in gathering complete Adobe summary from Adobe upon request
•Quarterly Training Webcasts
•Schedule and Promote Quarterly Webcasts
•Deliver content through OnDemand website to DoS
•Dedicated Phone Lines
•Provide single number for DoS exclusively for DoS BPA
•Dedicated BPA Website
•Provide online information regarding up to date BPA information
Confidential & Proprietary
DOS BPA Value Added Services Cont.
• Dedicated Account Management – Carahsoft will provide a focused account manager
who will be dedicated to supporting DoS requirements and this BPA. These personnel will
be responsible for all aspects of BPA management and are fully trained in all the sales and
configuration of all Adobe products. All sales, order management, and contracting functions
will be overseen by these individuals and includes:
•Assistance with the License Distribution Procedures established by the BPA
•Product expertise/assistance
•Configuration assistance
•Support for downloads
•Support for customers migrating from existing license contracts
•On demand historical download reports
•Contracts Questions
•Assistance with Product Version, updates and upgrade questions
•Quarterly Reports – In managing similar Enterprise-wide Software contracts with other
government agencies, Carahsoft has developed some best practices with providing
monthly/quarterly usage reports. As part of this contract, Carahsoft will provide quarterly
license distribution reports which will include download and ship dates, number of licenses,
versions, prices, points of contact and addresses.
Confidential & Proprietary
DOS BPA Value Added Services Cont.
• Quarterly Training Webcasts –Carahsoft will provide a quarterly informational webcast
to the DoS. These webcasts will include information regarding new and existing Adobe
products, new releases, product patches/upgrade information or short training webcasts
should the need arise and educate users on:
• The terms of the BPA
• Adobe software available on the contract
• Updates and upgrades as they become available from VMware
• New technologies that become available
• These webinars will also be archived on the BPA website so users can view them on
• Dedicated Phone Lines – In addition to the direct access DoS will have to Adobe
service representatives for subscription and technical support, Carahsoft will provide a
dedicated a phone line to be used exclusively for activities supporting this BPA.
• Dedicated BPA Website – Carahsoft will develop and maintain a website, that will be dedicated to this BPA. This website shall
include materials such as BPA Information, BPA FAQ Document, Product Information,
Catalog/Pricelist Information and Additional Contractual Information.
Confidential & Proprietary
Adobe World Wide Licensing Portal (LWS)
About LWS
The Adobe Worldwide Licensing Website, LWS for short, is a web-based portal that lets different types of
users perform licensing-related tasks. Adobe channel partners, resellers, end users, and Adobe Customer
Service all use LWS. The content you see and the tasks you perform in LWS depend upon your company’s
role, contract type, and other account details.
To log into LWS
1 Start your web browser, and go to
2 Select the appropriate User Type:
License Holder If you’re an AOO customer.
3 Enter your login ID and password.
Note: If you’ve forgotten your password, click Forgot Your Password? to view your password hint. If you still can’t
remember your password, click Resend Login and New Password. LWS e-mails your login and a new password to you.
(It may take up to 30 minutes to receive your new password.)
4 If the Change Password screen appears, enter your new password, confirm it by entering it again, and then enter
a password hint. Click Change Password.
Confidential & Proprietary
Confidential & Proprietary
Adobe Support Option Discussion
What are the Adobe Support Options ?
Adobe Advantage Support Program
The Adobe Advantage Support Program offers personalized and priority support coverage as an enhancement to
the Gold or Platinum support program through designated Adobe specialists who understand your unique
deployment environment and solution priorities.
The designated Adobe specialists directly handle your support cases and manage escalations to optimize your
solution performance and mitigate risks.
Confidential & Proprietary
Adobe Support Option Discussion Cont.
• Adobe Enterprise Solution Management
Adobe Enterprise Solution Management combines the best of Adobe – people, technology and proven best
practices to offer you a personalized service for your unique solution needs. With Adobe Enterprise Solution
Management, you will be assigned a designated Solution Account Manager and a designated team of Adobe
technical experts to deliver you the services with a shared solution vision and high accountability.
Solution Account Manager A Partner Committed To Your Success
• Proactively provides strategic advice across your solution lifecycle to maximize your solution ROI
• Preemptively identifies issues to mitigate risks emerging throughout your solution lifecycle
• Orchestrates the best of Adobe resources to work towards ensuring your solution success
• Facilitates regular strategic and operational reviews at your site to continually increase value derived from your
solution investment
Advantage Support Team Personalized Specialist Support With Priority Access
• Understands your unique IT environment, infrastructure and business priorities to offer tailored support for your
• Designated to you and operating in your region to work with you on a daily basis with high accessibility
• Directly handles all your support cases and escalations
• Offers enhanced SLAs for business critical issues
• Facilitates timely service reviews for continual improvement
Confidential & Proprietary
Confidential & Proprietary

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