Utilize AITech’s UC Technology to
Differentiate your Voice Service
Nashville 2014 - FISPA LIVE
Greg Lohrenz - CEO
The voice service business is
extremely competitive.
• National Cable Companies and other large regional CLECs
continue to sell almost exclusively on price.
– Average price per seat / line continues to drop.
• VoIP has moved out of the “early adoption” phase
– Many business customers perceive that all service is the same.
– National network quality has improved, differences in VoIP quality are
not as extreme as they once were.
• We stress our “Strategic Implementation and Design” to
prospective customers, which includes thorough site surveys
and call handling interviews vs. price comparison alone.
Regardless of user type, industry or
company size employees consistently rank
their top three business frustrations as:
#1 - Inability to locate and contact
people quickly
#2 - Waiting for information
#3 - Dealing with email overload
What can you do to stand out in the crowd?
Provide clear business benefits. Demonstrate:
• Time Saving Features
• Productivity Improvements
• Enhanced Customer Service
Educate decision makers on how to increase
their employee’s Efficiency, Effectiveness &
Reachability with your UC Services
Does your current Voice Solution Seamlessly
Integrate with Tablets & Smart-phones?
• When asked which service would most
benefit their daily work, survey
respondents overwhelmingly chose
Mobile related options.
• Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”
(BYOD). Give the business user access
to your service on their favorite device.
Be with them wherever they go and
your service will be irreplaceable.
Tablet & Smart phone Integration
Desktop & Mobile Client seamlessly integrates with
iOS/Android Smartphones and Tablets
Tablet & Smart phone Integration
Text / SMS
• How do your customer’s communicate service
outages to their users?
• How are password resets communicated to
your customers?
• Are employee’s personal smartphones being
used for this type of communication?
• What happens when that employee no longer
works there, or goes to work for a competitor?
Send & Receive SMS Messages from
the Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet
• One application (desktop, tablet or
• Now your employees are sending and receiving
Text messages from your business’ main phone
• Easily set-up alternative business phone
numbers to send and receive text messages for
sales, customer service etc.
OK, so you use Broadsoft already…
Does this look familiar to you?
Customers are familiar with the Broadsoft web portal and may
connect your portal with previous experiences with other Broadsoft
based providers unless….
Enhance the User Experience by Improving the
User Interface
• Modernize– avoid looking like every other Broadsoft provider
• Simplify – Show the features relevant to each group
• Support – Provide easier to access feature notes and
• Accessible – provide the same user experience regardless of
Enhance the user experience with a better HTML 5
portal….What is HTML 5?
Sites developed using
HTML 5 provide a
consistent experience
regardless of device
Enhance your call center solution
• Clientless Reporting on any device, browser, or OS for
ANYONE! No need to assign Supervisor or Agent license.
• Built-in reporting engine! No need for a BroadWorks DBS
Server. Get your data when you need it (desktop,
smartphone or tablet.
Call Recording for Service Providers
We all archive our most important emails…..right?
How do you archive important voice conversations?
Audio Mining – Pre-select up to 25 Words or phrases and record only those calls
that match your criteria.
Alerting – real time alerting and automatic categorization.
Call Monitor – monitor calls in real time.
Search – comprehensive and user friendly. Search by individual, group or across
your entire company profile.
On Demand – Record calls from your desk-phone…or your smart phone.
And yes…HTML 5 interface for consistent experience across all devices!
Call Recording & Analytics
CRM Integration
You can integrate with Microsoft Outlook.
That’s great, but what do you do when that’s
not your customers primary CRM?
Linking your customer’s business database is an
excellent way to improve productivity.
AiTech Hosted PBX integrates with 30+
Caller Preview
Contact Popping
Contact Searching
Click to dial
And more
Increase efficiency, effectiveness and
reachability with AITech
Tablet & Smart Phone Integration
One business number, multiple devices
Instant Messaging & Presence
Business Text / SMS
CRM Integration
Updated HTML5 web portal
Call Recording Solution (desktop, tablet,
If you don’t provide current tools & features to your customers,
someone else will 