Istituto dei Materiali per l’Elettronica ed il Magnetismo
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Area delle Scienze 37/A, 43100 Parma, Italy
Bilateral activities between CNR (Italian National Research Center) and CAS
(Chinese Academy of Science) on CIGS-based thin film solar cells
CNR-CAS Joint workshop, Parma, October 29, 2014
Wednesday, October 29
9:30 - Welcome
9:45 - Xiao Xudong (Shen Zhen Institute of Advanced Technology - Chinese
Academy of Sciences (SIAT-CAS)): CIGS industrialization
10:15 - Mariano Zarcone (INFN)/Massimo Mazzer (IMEM-CNR): Perspectives for
10:45 - Coffee break
11:00 - Yang Chunlei (SIAT-CAS): Fabrication of high efficiency CZTS Solar cells
11:30 - Filippo Annoni (IMEM-CNR): Advancement in the CIGS-based TFSC by
Pulsed Electron deposition (PED)
14:30 - Liu Zhuang (SIAT-CAS): CIGS industrial fabrication techniques
15:00 – Maurizio Acciarri (University of Milano-Bicocca): Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells on
flexible substrate fabricated by an innovative roll to roll hybrid sputtering and
evaporation process
15:30 - Zhang Xieqiu (SIAT-CAS): CIGS solar cells on flexible substrate
16:00 - Daniele Menossi (University of Parma): Innovation in CIGS and CdTe
16:30 - Conclusions / Discussion

(Chinese Academy of Science) on CIGS-base - Imem