Pier Domenico Tortola
Centro Studi sul Federalismo
Via Real Collegio, 30
10024 Moncalieri (TO)
Phone: +39 011 6705024
Email: [email protected]
Web: pierotortola.weebly.com
Current position
Research fellow at the Centro Studi sul Federalismo (CSF), Moncalieri (TO), Italy.
Academic qualifications
• 2012: D.Phil. in Politics, University of Oxford (viva passed without corrections).
• 2006: ABD (‘All but dissertation’) in Political Science, Boston University.
• 2004: MA in International Relations, SAIS-Johns Hopkins University.
• 2002: MA in European Studies, ASERI Milan.
• 2001: Laurea (BA) summa cum laude in International Studies, University of Bologna.
Additional education
• 2004: IWM International Summer School in Philosophy and Politics, Cortona, Italy.
• 2003: ETH Summer Academy on Strategic Studies, Feldafing, Germany.
• 2001: ISPI Summer School “NATO Enlargement and the New European Geopolitics”, Milan,
• A.Y. 2010/11: Warden’s pre-doctoral bursary, St Antony’s College, Oxford.
• A.Y. 2007/08 – 2010/11 Departmental scholarship, DPIR, University of Oxford.
• A.Y. 2007/08 – 2009/10: ESRC scholarship, University of Oxford.
• A.Y. 2004/05 – 2006/07: Presidential University Graduate Fellowship, Boston University.
• A.Y. 2003/04: Fulbright fellowship at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University.
• A.Y. 2003/04: University of Bologna fellowship at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University.
• A.Y. 2003/04: SAIS-JHU fellowship.
• A.Y. 2002/03: Altiero Spinelli Memorial Fellowship at at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University.
• A.Y. 1996/97 – 2000/01: ARSTUD fellowship, University of Bologna.
• A.Y. 1998/99: ERASMUS fellowship, University of Nijmegen.
Research and travel grants
• September 2011: Conference travel grant – American Political Science Association.
• July 2011: Mellon award – DPIR, University of Oxford.
Pier Domenico Tortola
March and July 2010: Carr & Stahl travel grant – St Antony’s College, Oxford.
June 2010 Research grant – Rothermere American Institute, Oxford.
May 2010: Mellon pre-dissertation award – Council for European Studies (CES).
March 2010: Field research grant – DPIR, University of Oxford.
Previous employment
Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin
• 2012-13: Post-doctoral fellow. Research position with a 30-hour work requirement fulfilled by
teaching a MA level course in European integration and running the Collegio’s weekly research
seminar in Politics.
University of Oxford
• 2008-12: Lecturer in Politics at the Queen’s College. Subjects taught: introduction to politics;
international relations; international relations during the Cold War. Involved in undergraduate
admissions and Politics organizing tutor for the A.Y. 2011/12.
• 2007-08: Research assistant for FP6-financed projects “EUREQUAL” and “Reconsidering party
divisions in Western Europe” based at the Department of Politics. Project coordinator: Prof.
Stephen Whitefield.
Boston University
• 2005-08 (Summer term): Instructor for “Cases in US Foreign Policy”.
• 2006 (Summer term): Instructor for “European Politics” (PO361).
• 2006 and 2007 (Spring term): Teaching fellow for “Introduction to International Relations”
• 2005 and 2006 (Fall term): Teaching fellow for “Introduction to Comparative Politics” (PO251).
University of Bologna
• 2005-07: Member of the Bologna unit in the inter-university research project “The end of the
Cold War or the irresistible advance of globalization?” funded by the Italian Ministry of
Research and Higher Education. Unit coordinator: Prof. Marco Cesa.
• 2000-01: Administrative assistant at the International relations office of the Faculty of Political
Sciences, Forlì campus.
Journal articles
• “The limits of normalization: Taking stock of the EU-US comparative literature”. Journal of
Common Market Studies (2014) doi: 10.1111/jcms.12143.
• “Federalism, the state and the city: Explaining ‘city welfare’ in the United States and the
European Union”. Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 43, 4 (2013): 648-75.
• “Deconstructing a conflict: Ideas, perceptions and the end of the Cold War” (in Italian),
Quaderni di Scienza Politica, 17, 3, (2010): 555-74.
• “Christianity and international politics in the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr and Herbert
Butterfield” (in Italian), Teoria Politica 21, 3 (2005): 115-27.
• “NATO and US hegemony after the Cold War” (in Italian), Teoria Politica 20, 1, (2004): 10932.
• “Intra-allied bargaining in the neorealist perspective: the Euromissiles case” (in Italian),
Quaderni di Scienza Politica 9, 3, (2002): 503-54.
Pier Domenico Tortola
Grey literature and shorter articles
• “Urban policy in the European Union: A comparative perspective”, Perspectives on Europe.
• “Why a partisan Commission president can be good for the EU: A response to Grabbe and
Lehne”, CSF Policy Paper no. 2, December 2013.
• “N=2: The comparative study of the EU and the US as a research programme”, Carlo Alberto
Notebooks 290/2012.
• (With A. Locatelli) “Taking Waltz beyond Waltz: Socialization as an intervening variable in
structural realism”, Paper presented at the SISP annual conference, 2009
Reference work
• G.T. Kurian et al. (eds.) The encyclopedia of political science (Washington, DC: CQ Press,
2010). Entries: Constructivism; Correlation; First-Past-the-Post; Prisoner’s Dilemma; Process
Tracing; Realism/Neorealism; Reinhold Niebuhr.
Book reviews
• Adamski, Janet, et al. (eds.), Old Europe, new security: Evolution for a complex world
(Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006), Global Crime, 9, 3 (2008): 287-89.
• David Ost, The defeat of solidarity: Anger and politics in postcommunist Europe (Ithaca, NY:
Cornell UP, 2005), Teoria Politica, 23, 2 (2007).
• Catherine Fieschi, Fascism, populism and the French Fifth Republic: In the shadow of
democracy (Manchester: Manchester UP, 2004), Teoria Politica, 23, 2 (2007).
• “Reading suggestions: The twenty years’ crisis by Edward H. Carr”, Crossroads: The ASA
Journal, 5, 1 (2005): 78-81.
• “The two faces of international political economy”. Review of Robert Gilpin, Global political
economy (Princeton: Princeton UP, 2001) and Jean-Marc F. Blanchard et al. (eds), Power and
the purse: Economic statecraft, interdependence, and national security (London: Cass, 2000) (in
Italian), Teoria Politica 19, 2-3, (2003): 404-09.
Work in progress
• “The microfoundations of policy inertia: a city-level analysis of the Community Development
Block Grant”. Revise and resubmit. State and Local Government Review.
• “The legacy of URBAN in a mid-size Italian city”. Under review.
Advanced stage
• “The legacy of Europe: Post-URBAN area-based regeneration in two Italian cities”.
• “Multi-level governance: A conceptual analysis”.
• “The state of European integration, the state and European integration”.
Early/intermediate stage
• (Book project) The new politics of the city welfare state: The EU and the US compared.
• “The social construction of spillovers: The case of territorial cohesion”.
• “Beyond institutional ‘change vs. continuity’: The case of the CDBG”.
“Territorial cohesion in the EU: a comparison of the LEADER and URBAN experiences”.
(with Desmond King) Process vs problems: The new politics of urban America.
Conference participation
• American Political Science Association: 2011
• Council for European Studies: 2012, 2014
Pier Domenico Tortola
European Consortium for Political Research: 2013, 2014
Italian Political Science Association: 2009, 2010
Midwest Political Science Association: 2006
Northeastern Political Science Association: 2005
• Italian: Mother tongue
• English: Excellent
• Spanish: Good
• French: Fair
• Serbo-Croatian: Elementary
Professional memberships
• American Political Science Association
• Council for European Studies
• Co-editor of the political and economic information website Quattrogatti.info
• Op-ed contributor for openDemocracy.net, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Huffington Post Italia and

Pier Domenico Tortola - Centro Studi sul Federalismo