Project Objectives
Car Wash Equipment
Basic Variables
Data Sources
Formula Changes
How to Use the Proformas
Select-A-Wash Proforma Demonstration
Project Objectives
The purpose of the project is to create a field
sales tool to allow a RYKO sales
representative (distributor sales person, direct
area manager or region manager) to produce
car wash Proformas to meet the requirements
of a sales presentation. The Proformas must
be easy to use, flexible for a variety of
situations and changeable to show the
customer the effect of variables on their car
wash profit potential.
Project Objectives
The Proforma is set up for use either
with a desk top computer to print out
prior to making a presentation to a
customer or from a lap top computer
directly in front of a customer as part of
a sales presentation.
Each Proforma will be in Windows Excel
The Proforma program, when released,
will be available on disc through RYKO.
The direct area managers and region
managers will have the Proformas
installed on their RYKO computers.
Car Wash Equipment
The Proformas included in this project
are for the following RYKO equipment:
 SoftGloss XS
 US 2001
 VT2000 FoamBrite Conveyor
Basic Variables
The adjustable variables available within
each of the Proformas will be:
Gasoline Volume
Number of customers making a purchase of any
type at the location. This would include all C
store, gasoline, etc. transactions.
Actual wash count. If replacing an existing car
wash the present car wash volume can be used or
the car wash volume of a comparable location can
be used.
Basic Variables
Menu prices.
 Discount amount.
Data Sources
The programmed variables in the
formulas are based on the best
research information that RYKO could
find. Sources of this information were:
RYKO costing studies.
 Auto Laundry News 1998 Automatic
 Samplings of data from over 600
FoamBrite locations.
Data Sources
Maintenance costs estimated from the
results of the 1999 RYKO extended
protection programs.
Formula Changes
The programmed variable data will be
changeable through changing the formulas in
The programmed variable data within the
program are:
Washes per gasoline volume.
Washer per customer.
Detergent/Wax cost per wash.
Water/Electric cost per wash.
Formula Changes
Maintenance cost per month.
 FoamBrite replacement cost.
If any of the variables do not fit the cost
experience of your area you can adjust
the formulas in Excel to fit your area
and experience.
How to Use the
Select the option that will drive your car wash
volume. Your options are:
Gasoline volume, either projected or actual.
Customer volume, which is the total number of
customers that purchase something at the location
in a month.
Actual wash count based on the washes
previously done at the car wash or at a
comparable location.
How to Use the
Make an entry in only one of the above
three locations. Move the curser to and left
click on the block where the number will be
entered. Enter the amount and press the
Enter key.
 Move the curser to and left click on each of
the menu price spaces and enter the car
wash prices for each of the three menus.
After each menu price entry press the
Enter key.
How to Use the
Move the curser to and left click on the
discount block. Enter the desired discount
amount and then press the Enter key.
The above entries on the left side of the
menu sheet will create all of the values
for the right side of the menu sheet.
You can go back and change any of the
variables listed above to change the
Proforma Program

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