“Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation and Management”
General Assembly
FP7-Infra-2011-2.1.1 : Design studies for European Research Infrastrutures
1st October 2011 – 31st December 2014
Duration 39 months – Periods : 2 (month 18 – month 39)
Grant Agreement No: 284321 ; Total budget : 3,5 M€
19 partners from cy, de, fr, gr, it, no, es, uk
Project Scientific and
Technological coordination
UPMC and all partners
WP1 Objectives
• Ensure the coordination of the project on scientific
and technological aspects in conformity with the
objectives, methods and quality standards described
in the contract (task 1.1)
• Internal and external communication (task 1.2)
Work progress task 1.1
1st General assembly: Kick-off meeting in Nov. 2011 in Paris
4 formal Steering Committee meetings
Several informal SC meeting during WPs workshops
1st periodic scientific report (delayed end June 2013)
Risk - contingency action registry established
End of 1st reporting period, March 2013. First report accepted by the EC
2nd General Assembly, Trieste, 04-05/06/13
3 formal Steering Committee meetings
EGO/GROOM meeting, Kiel, 16-17/06/14
Grant period extension required and accepted, 12/08/14
Detailed review for 4 key deliverables. Still to be done for D5.1,
D5.7 and the final report
• 3rd General Assembly, Paris, 19/09/14
Work progress task 1.2
GROOM website
Paper in MERCATOR-CORIOLIS Newsletter, April 2012, “Towards a global glider
infrastructure for the benefit of marine research and operational oceanography”
Paper in "International Innovation": Helping marine science reach new depths
(Oct. 2012)
Editorial in "Sea Technology Magazine": Gliders Evolving to Enhance Ocean
Observation (Dec. 2012)
Special session at EGU2013 chaired by EGO/GROOM
• Ocean Business 2013, Southampton, 09-11/04/13
• GROOM at JCOMM-OCG, Silver Spring, USA, 05-07/09/13
• GROOM at Workshop on Arctic and Marine Research
Infrastructures, Rome, 17/09/2013
• GROOM at EuroGOOS, Brussels, 20/11/13
• Special session "Autonomous platforms" at OSM co-chaired by
GROOM, 23-28/02/14
• GROOM at OI'14, London, 11-13/03/14
Work progress task 1.2
• GROOM at 2nd ICRI, Athens, 02-04/04/14
• EGO/GROOM at COST Conference in Sopot, Poland, “The predictive
power of marine sciences in a chaging climate”
• GROOM at "Landscape of the European Research
Infrastructures for Environmental Sciences", Paris,
PLOCAN Glider School, Las Palmas, 14-19/07/14
GROOM at 6th IEEE/OES Baltic Symposium, Tallinn, 26/05/14
Glider demonstration and capacity building in Algeria, Sidi Fredj, 1216/05/14
EGO/GROOM final meeting, Kiel, 16-17/06/14
and several others …
 STRONG REMINDER: Fill "Dissemination activities"
page on Vitamib (!)
Work progress task 1.2: Brochure and
"Gliderport booklet"
• Extensive distribution of the brochure
by the coordinator (OI'14, ICRI, …) +
pencils + T-shirts
• And by the partners (!)
STRONG REMINDER to all to continue
Be reactive to Daniel and Jelto's
solicitations for the booklet
Work progress task 1.2: OI'14
• 9m2 Booth. Animation by UEA, SAMS, UPMC/CNRS, …
• 2 (nice) GROOM videos displayed. Can be downloaded from GROOM
website for further use
• More than 150 GROOM contacts with tracking. Several contacts with
students and young people
• Participation to 2 OI'14 workshops with Oil&Gas stakeholders
First real accurate awareness for us of a potential "industrial"
market for the glider activity
GROOM main achievements
• Description of the present infrastructure
(hardware, personnel, running costs,…)
• Survey on possible sensors to implement on
gliders for Research, Ocean Observation &
• New infrastructure components developed and
tested (operations, calibration, visualization, risk
analysis, mission planning piloting,…)
• Outreach (Web sites, training, young audience)
GROOM main achievements
• International coordination (USA, AUS, EU and
• Setup an international community of (best)
• A first common data format was issued in the 3
main poles of glider activity (EU, USA and AUS).
First agreed evidence Gliders as a component of
the GOOS such as the Argo profiling floats, the
OceanSites moorings…
GROOM main achievements
• Assessment of the possible levels of European
Definition of the desired levels of European
integration by the partner (final report)
• Gliders will be included in the next ESFRI roadmap
to be done: better assessment at the national level
of the priority on a national gliders RI (Sp, Fr: should
be OK ; UK, No, It: check)
Really investigate the DG REGIO funding schemes?
GROOM main achievements
• Numerous scientific papers and communications
related to GROOM
STRONG REMINDER: Fill "Dissemination
activities" page on Vitamib
Not finished yet (3 months extension). Achievements
really made concrete after
 Review of publishable deliverables (D2.1, D3.5? D4.1? …) and
publication if suitable
 Write and publish the Final Scientific Report (due to EC before
The next steps for gliders…
• Continue GROOM participation to next ESFRI roadmap  be
ready for 2016 EU calls
• Concretize relation between EGO/GROOM and EuroGOOS
• BRIDGES Technological proposal for a deep glider submitted to
BG6/H2020 led by GROOM
• AtlantOS proposal submitted to BG6/H2020. Glider task led by
• JERICO+ proposal submitted to INFRAIA/H2020. TNA for gliders,
data management for delayed mode and technological task on
• ENVRI+ proposal submitted to INFRADEV/H2020. Small
contribution of GROOM
Prepare GROOM participation to H2020 calls for 2016-2017. BG
calls: MedOS ? INFRA calls: ESFRI implementation ?
FP7 plans and achievements
For new or existing RIs,
The EU needs to pave the way
towards an efficient MRI
Member States remain the key actors
• Large facilities
• Distributed European
• Regional Partner Facilities
• Linked with EU and national
programs, universities &
• Allow to network with
industrial suppliers/users
Without the joint involvement of the scientific communities and’. the territorial development
actors, the EU will not succeed in managing this (efficient) ‘ecos-system’
The Future…
Marine RIs FP7
Marine RIs H2020
GROOM+ ???
ERIC EuroArgo
2017 2018
The Future…
Marine RIs FP7
Marine RIs H2020
FIXO3 ??
ERIC EuroArgo
2017 2018 2019
Advisory board
• Merged Advisory (scientific) Board and Policy Maker Board
• Two step consultation : 3 experts at the GA and review process for the final
scientific report and executive summary by all AB members
• GROOM @ EuroGOOS :
– Which institutional support from EuroGOOS ?
– Which kind of concrete actions can be conducted to exploit
EGO/GROOM momentum ?
– Concretize potential GROOM input to WP11 "Optimization of ocean
observing capability" ?
– Which kind of concrete actions can be conducted to exploit
EGO/GROOM momentum ?
• GROOM @ EuroArgo and ESFRI :
– Which concrete glider work in relation with the EuroARGO ERIC ?
– What about an ESFRI trend toward a large Marine RI ?