Working with DRDA
NSF Career Development
Division of Research Development and Administration
Dave Plawchan
Managing Project Representative, DRDA
University Research Administration
Several University of Michigan offices and units play key roles in the
administrative aspects of research.
Office of the Vice President
for Research (OVPR)
Office of the Vice President
for Finance
Division of Research Development
& Administration (DRDA)
Financial Operations,
Sponsored Programs
Office of Technology Transfer
Contract Administration
Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Centers
Unit & Department Level Administration
DRDA Mission
Our mission is to assist faculty and staff members
in all aspects of externally funded research
projects and other scholarly activities — from the
identification of a potential sponsor and the
preparation of a proposal, through various
administrative problems (related to budgets,
personnel, space, sub-contracts, reporting and
accountability, patents, negotiations with the
sponsor) during the course of the project, to the
submission of the documents required to close
out the project.
How Many?
NSF Career Award proposals in Fiscal Year 10?
There have been 44 submissions, 11 from LSA.
13 have already been awarded ( Four from LSA)
Active NSF Career Awards?
There are currently 75 active NSF Career Awards
DRDA Structure
Project Reps. Organized by Sponsor Groups
Provides Sponsor Specific Expertise
* NSF, DoE
* Industry Sponors
* Defense, NASA
•Arts & Humanities
University Research Administration
DRDA Services
• Funding Services and Resources
• Proposal Preparation and Review
• Process and submit proposals
• Negotiate awards
• Negotiate contracts
• Administer Projects
• Research Administration Workshops
DRDA Funding Resources
Databases (COS, PRISM, etc.)
Kate Strzempek (936-1284)
• E-mail alert systems
(i.e. NSF custom news, etc.)
• DRDA assistance w/searches
• drda-net announcements
(contact [email protected])
• Workshops
Proposal Preparation
Important Points:
•Obtain and follow sponsor guidelines before
you start
•Contact the DRDA project rep you’ll be working
with (get it in the queue!!)
**[email protected]**
•Enlist the assistance of your unit administrator
from the beginning
• Submit to DRDA ahead of time for final review,
endorsement and delivery to sponsor agency 8
Submitting the Proposal to DRDA
When does it need to get to DRDA?
For “Full Service”
No fewer than seven business days in advance of the
deadline date:
•fully signed Proposal Approval Form (PAF)
•administrative shell
No fewer than four business days in advance of the
deadline date:
•final, completed electronic file.
DRDA Deadlines
Submitting the Proposal to DRDA
WHAT DOES DRDA DO with Your Proposal?
•Checks proposal to ensure all pieces are present
and make sure it follows sponsor guidelines
•Checks budget for accuracy
•Checks that PAF, budget, text and forms comply
with sponsor and UM policies and rules
•Obtains necessary signatures (central
•Makes copies for sponsor, PI, PI unit and DRDA
•Sends to sponsor via appropriate carrier to to
ensure timely delivery
Electronic Proposal Submission
•NSF Fastlane System
DRDA help - [email protected]
Use Web Resources
•DRDA Contacts
•UM, Federal and Sponsor Policies
•Funding Information
•Proposal Processing
•Project Administration
•News and Information
•Training Opportunities