Mobile Apps for farmer by BARI
Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) is
the largest multi-crop research institute
Conducting research on a wide variety of crops (commodity) such
as wheat, maize, potato, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, spices,
flowers, etc.
Besides variety development, this institute carries out research on such areas
(non commodity) as soil and crop management, disease and insect management,
water management, farm machinery, etc.
 At present BARI has developed 859 technology
(commodity and non-commodity) which proven as
complete technology for production.
 To disseminate BARI developed technology to
farmers’ doorstep at instant and reduced cost.
 Mobile phone has provided new opportunities for
rural farmers to obtain knowledge and information
in a time and cost effective.
 Mobile apps for disseminating BARI developed
technology will help to get the production technology
package at right time at stake holder’s door step.
So far we know there is no mobile apps for agrotechnology information dissemination in Bangladesh.
Initially we developed BARI mobile web apps
( for disseminating production
technology to available the crop production package at
right time at stake holder’s door step.
 Established data connectivity using smart mobile phone
 স্মার্ট ম াবাইল ম ানের ব্রাউজানর র্াইপ কনর go
বার্ে র্াচ্ করুে।

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