Top International Recognition
Chief Minister Oommen Chandy
Chief Minister’s Mass Contact Programme
The Prestigious United Nations
Public Service Award for 2013
2013 UNPSA Awards
Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s Mass Contact Programme
Adjudged Number One by the United Nations for its Prestigious
Annual Public Service Award.
It bagged the First Place in the Asia-Pacific region.
South Korea bagged the Second Place.
2013 UNPSA Awards
First time in the history of UNPSA Awards.
Initiative by an individual has won this prestigious award.
2013 UNPSA Awards
Other Regions & Winners:
From Europe & North America: Italy and Slovenia
From Western Asia: Oman and Georgia
From Africa: Morocco
Latin America and the Caribbean: No Qualifiers
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Previous Venues of UNPSA Award
2012 - New York, USA
2011 - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
2010 - Barcelona, Spain
2009 - New York, USA
2008 - New York, USA
2007 - Vienna, Austria
2006 - New York, USA
2005 - New York, USA
2004 - New York, USA
2003 - New York, USA
2013 UNPSA Awards
UNPSA - Most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public
Award instituted in 2003 through resolution 57 / 277 of General Assembly.
Designated June 23 as United Nations Public Service Day.
Encouraged Member States each year to organize special events on June
23 to highlight the contribution of public service in the development
Singapore - First UNPSA winner from Asia-Pacific region for the project
implemented by Infocom Development Authority Singapore.
2013 UNPSA Awards Ceremony
Function: Awards Ceremony and Forum
Venue: Bahrain National Theatre in Bahrain
Date: June 24-27, 2013.
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UNPSA Awards
Discover innovations in governance
Reward excellence in the public sector
Motivate public servants to further promote innovation
Enhance professionalism in public service
Raise the image of public service
Enhance trust in government; Collect and disseminate successful
practices for possible replication
UNPSA Awards
Evaluation Process
Evaluation process starts in January and ends in April or beginning of
May of each year.
Three rounds of evaluation.
Final verification of the results.
Short-listed candidates evaluated by a Sub-Committee of the UN’s
Committee of Experts in Public Administration, comprising 7 public
administration experts from all over the world.
If top scorer of a given region and category get poor ranking in
comparison to all nominations and not deemed suitable, the SubCommittee may decide not to award a prize.
UNPSA Awards
Evaluation Criteria
Should fully satisfy the following:
Integrity and Measures to Prevent Abuse or Misuse of
Public Power
Innovative Management of Public Finances
Transforms Administration
Introduces a New Concept
Chief Minister’s
Mass Contact Programme
Met 5.45 lakh people
Complaints received - 5.51 lakhs
Complaints settled - 3.11 lakhs
Remaining taken up for settlement through district-wise meetings
chaired by the Chief Minister
Total of Rs 22.68 crores distributed as financial assistance
Spent a marathon 19 hrs at a stretch in some districts.
Feedback from the mass contact programmes rendered new
directions to the State’s administration and resulted in significant
changes in governance.
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Chief Minister`s Mass Contact Programme Wins 2013 United