National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS)
February 2013
What is the NDIS?
• will support people with permanent and
significant disability, their families and carers
• is a new way approach of personalised
support for people with disability
• focused on choice and control and a lifetime
approach to a person’s disability support
NDIA Goals
• People with disability are in control and have
choices, based on the UN Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
• The National Disability Insurance Scheme is
financially sustainable and is governed using
insurance principles.
• The community has ownership, confidence and
pride in the National Disability Insurance
Scheme and the National Disability Insurance
Heads of Agreement – Queensland
• Queensland and Australian Governments have reached
agreement for the full implementation of the NDIS in
• The NDIS commences in Queensland on 1 July 2016 and
will be fully implemented by 1 July 2019.
• By 2019, the NDIA will be responsible for full
implementation of the NDIS. The Queensland Government
will no provide specialist disability services but will have a
key role in the NDIS as a funding stakeholder.
• The Queensland Government will have responsibility for
basic community care services for people not eligible for
the NDIS.
The NDIS in Queensland
• When fully operational, around 97,000
Queenslanders with significant or profound
disability will have choice and control over the
support they receive
• 45,000 people currently receiving services
are likely to move to the NDIS
What will the future look like with
an NDIS in Queensland?
People with disability
• Participants will undertake a planning process
• Reasonable and necessary disability supports
will be set out in individual plans to meet the
goals of people with disability over their life time
• Participants choose who delivers the supports in
their plan and contract directly with providers
• Participants can request to self-manage the
funding for supports
What will the future look like with
an NDIS in Queensland?
Reasonable and necessary disability supports
will assist the participant to pursue their goals, objectives and aspirations
will facilitate the participant’s social and economic participation
represents value for money
effective and beneficial for the participant, having regard to current good
• takes account of what it is reasonable to expect families, carers, informal
networks and the community to provide
• more appropriately funded or provided through other general systems
Supports not funded or provided under the NDIS
likely to cause harm to participant or pose risk to others
not related to the participant’s disability
relates to day-to-day living costs that are not directly attributable to a participants
disability support needs
What will the future look like with
an NDIS in Queensland?
• Operate in a market approach
• Will contract directly with participants who will buy
supports from them.
• Will be paid following delivery of the support
• May be paid by participants, by plan management
providers or make claims directly to the NDIA
• Register with the NDIA – meet NDIA Terms and
What will the future look like with
an NDIS in Queensland?
• More than double current level of funding
• More than double number of participants
• Wider range of types of supports including
increased purchase from broader
community and business sectors
• Potential double number of jobs (increase
of 13,000 FTE positions)
Queensland Government
preparation for the NDIS
Queensland Disability Plan
• Preparation for the NDIS in Queensland and for
inclusion in mainstream support
Communication and engagement strategy
• Covers the three groups in the work program
(sector, departmental, whole-of-government)
• Awareness raising – targeted messages and
method of communication for broad range of
target groups
Queensland Government
preparation for the NDIS
Sector: people with disability
• Build capacity of people with disability,
families and carers to:
– how to plan well to be ready
– what is involved in managing their plan and
Queensland Government
preparation for the NDIS
Sector: service providers
• Build capacity of disability service providers
to understand and adapt sustainably to the
NDIS environment
• Support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
and rural and remote communities to develop
local solutions for local challenges
Queensland Government
preparation for the NDIS
Disability services reform
• More individualised funding arrangements –
Your Life Your Choice
• Streamline access to aids and equipment
• Streamlined program arrangements
• Review of support arrangements for people with
high and complex support needs
• Review and amend legislation as needed
Queensland contribution to
National NDIS development
Ongoing policy and implementation work
• Queensland Centre of Excellence for Clinical
Innovation and Behaviour Support expert advice
– Clinical expertise, evidence based practice
– Restrictive practices and positive behaviour support
– Clinician and sector readiness in response to high and
complex needs and evidence-based practice
– Research
• Quality and Safeguards
• Aids and Equipment – Queensland Competition
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