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Oracle Application Express (APEX)
Database-centric Web application development tool
• Unique Rapid Application Development
(RAD) tool for the Oracle Database
• Browser based for Development, Deployment
& Runtime
• Declaratively build professional Web 2.0
applications that are fast and secure
• Leverages full Oracle database capabilities
and existing SQL & PL/SQL skills
• Fully supported, “no-cost” standard
component with all editions of the Oracle
Easy - Rapid - Empowering
© 2009 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary
Oracle Application Express Momentum
• Developer community - 80k+ downloads / year
• apex.oracle.com – 4m page views / week
• Active Discussion Forum – 4.6 m views, #3 on OTN
•100 Consulting companies, 60 BLOGs, 10 Hosting Partners
• User Groups: 30 @OOW-09, 50 @ODTUG, APEXposed
• User interface for Oracle Store and Oracle Audit Vault
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Oracle Application Express Books
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Architectural Overview
• Simple Architecture
• Pages dynamically rendered using database Metadata
• No code generation or file based compilation
• Runs Everywhere Oracle Database Runs
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Development / Deployment Options
• Locally
• Install on Stand-alone machine
• Multi-tenant Private Cloud
• Workspaces for each department
• Self-service provisioning model
• Public Cloud
• Hosting partners
• Amazon EC2
Develop & deploy where it is most convenient and cost effective
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
APEX 4.0 Marquee Features
• Websheets
• Dynamic Actions
• Plug-Ins
• Team Development
• Improved Charting including Gantts and Maps
• RESTful Web Services
• Enhanced Interactive Reports
• Improved Application Builder
• APEX Listener
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
APEX 4.0 Other Major Features
Modernized User Interface themes
Improved Tabular Forms (new item types and declarative validations)
Modernized item types (auto complete, resizable textarea, JavaScript
date picker, number field, new rich-text editor)
• Declarative support for cascading LOVs
• Improved UI Defaults with bi-directional synchronization
• Integration of jQuery and jQuery UI
• Declarative accessibility settings
• Instrumentation and Debug framework
• Support for 11gR2 Edition Based Redifinition
• Improved self managing, multi-tenant support
• Automated workspace purge
• Improved metering of usage by workspace with archiving
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Interactive Reports
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Interactive Report Enhancements
Integrated Report, Icon & Detail Views
Compound filter expressions
Group By
Save Reports
• Developer Supplied
• Personal (Existing)
• Shared
• Additional Downloads
• Searchable HTML
• Email Report Results
• Subscriptions
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
• Build basic applications faster and with more functionality
• Web-based content sharing
• Hierarchical text pages
• Editable data grids
• Interactive Reports
• Mark-up syntax with SQL Tags
• Designed for Business Users
• Incorporates “sharing” model (Reader, Contributor, Admin)
• Integrated annotations (attachments, tags, notes, links)
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Websheets vs Database Applications
Websheet Applications
Database Applications
Page Content
Managed and maintained by
Created and deployed by
developers for end-users
Database Objects
Automatically managed
(APEX$ tables)
Manually created tables
Primary Key
Automatically managed
Triggers and sequences
Defined using runtime UI
Created using wizards
Report Layout
Defined using runtime UI
Created using SQL
List of Values
Defined using runtime UI
SQL or Static
Form Layout
Column groups
Items and regions
Look and Feel
Basic control
Themes and templates
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Dynamic Actions
• Declaratively define client-side behavior
• JavaScript and AJAX code implemented by Application
Express engine
• No need for expertise in JavaScript and AJAX
• Allows you to declaratively:
• Show / hide
• Enable / disable
• SQL and PL/SQL AJAX calls
• Add / remove styles
• Each can have multiple true and false actions
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
• Extend built-in functionality with new item types, region
types, processes, dynamic actions, etc.
• Declarative property and attribute settings
• Once loaded, use in similar fashion to native components
• Included in APEX application export
• Encourages APEX community contributions
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Improved Charting
• New charting engine
• Faster
• Better graphics
• Decreased rendering time
• Support for Maps & Gantts
• New Features:
• Scrolling support
• Interactive labels
• Markers in legends
• Multiple data markers
• Context menu localization
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
REST Web Services
• Declarative support for RESTful Web Services
• Utilizes a simpler architecture than SOAP style Web
• Typically parameters are passed to a REST Web service
as part of the URL and an XML document is returned
• Many popular public Web services provided by Google,
Yahoo, Amazon and PayPal use the REST architecture
• Some providers use the REST architecture exclusively
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Improved Application Builder
New look
Improved navigation
Administration screens
Extensive use of Interactive Reports
Integrated ‘Advisor’ and ‘Application Search’
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Team Development
• Manage application development processes for
Software projects
• Can link directly to APEX Applications and Pages
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Team Development - Built-In Feedback
• Integrate into your
APEX Applications
• Automatically saves
session state
• Feedback managed
in Team Development
• Easily transformed
into Features,
To-Dos or Bugs
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
Oracle APEX Listener
• Java based
• Alternative to mod_plsql
• Certified against WebLogic,
Oracle Glassfish, and OC4J
• Extensible
• File system caching *
• FOP transformations to PDF *
• Improved file upload *
• Workload Capture *
* Requires APEX 4.0
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
© 2010 Oracle Corporation
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