Clause No. 3.0 and Clause No. 6.0 of the MSA to be followed.
By Tenant
By BSNL Circle
Site Request in the
standard format by
Tenant to BSNL for
each site
By Tenant
Intimation of RFAI date by BSNL 10
days prior to anticipated RFAI date.
Acceptance/rejection of RFAI within
next 10 days by Tenant
Site Proposal by
BSNL to Tenant (if
accepted) within 2
weeks after site request
from Tenant
By BSNL Circle
Site RFAI (Passive infrastructure
up gradation ):
•30 days from date of service
order acceptance.
•.Roll out penalty after 90days form
date of service order acceptance.
By Tenant
Service order by
Tenant within 1 week
from the date of site
By BSNL Circle
BSNL shall confirm the Service
Order Acceptance in writing to
Tenant within 1week after
service order
If RFAI rejected by
By BSNL Circle
 BSNL to rectify the defects within next
10days and re-offer the site to Tenant 3days
prior to clearance of defects.
If RFAI accepted or no
defect notified by
RFAI date shall be 11th day from date
of receipt of Notice of readiness or 4th
day from date of re-offer intimation.
Individual Site Agreement to be
signed with 7days form RFAI date.
Telecom implementation by Tenant
Commencement date shall be 15th
day from date of RFAI

Site Proposal