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Fund in Flanders
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What is the ESF?
 The European Social Fund (ESF) is one of the EU's Structural Funds,
set up to reduce differences in prosperity and living standards
across EU Member States and regions, and therefore promoting
economic and social cohesion.
 The ESF is devoted to promoting employment in the EU. It helps
Member States make Europe's workforce and companies better
equipped to face new, global challenges.
 Over the period 2007-2013 some €75 billion will be distributed to the
EU Member States and regions to achieve its goals.
What is the ESF?
 The ESF strategy and budget is negotiated and decided between the
EU Member States, the European Parliament and the Commission.
On this basis, seven-year Operational Programmes are planned by
Member States together with the European Commission.
 These Operational Programmes are then implemented through a
wide range of organisations, both in the public and private sector.
These organisations include national, regional and local authorities,
educational and training institutions, non-governmental
organisations (NGOs) and the voluntary sector, as well as social
partners, for example trade unions and work councils, industry and
professional associations, and individual companies.
ESF in Flanders
The ESF Agency Flanders is responsible for managing the European
Social Fund (ESF) in Flanders.
 manages the Flemish ESF programme,
 guides project promoters and disseminates information on various
aspects of the European Social Fund
 offers a network for Flemish and European labour market partners
 its mission is to support the implementation and innovation of
Flemish labour market policy as well as to contribute to
The Lisbon Strategy
The Flemish Reform Programme
The Strategic Reference Frame
The Flemish Employment and Investment plan
EU 2020
Flanders in Action (Via)
Flemish Policy Agenda's: Vlaams Regeerakkoord, Beleidsnota Werk 2009-2014, Beleidsnota
Sociale Economie 2009-2014, Strategisch Referentiekader, pact van Vilvoorde, Pact 2020
ESF in Flanders: priorities
 Priority 1: Activating talents and long-lasting integration into
the labour market
 Priority 2: Promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged groups
through tailor-made assistance
 Priority 3: Focussing the structure of enterprises and
organisations on people and society
 Priority 4: Innovation
 Priority 5: Transnational and interregional
 Horizontal focus: equal opportunities and M/V
 Total budget: +/- 1,1 mia €
 470 mio € ESF
 550 mio € regional
 92 mio € private
ESF in Flanders: calls and projects
Competence Policy in support of employees
 Training in companies
 Personal Development Plan
 Certificate of experience
 Career Guidance
 Sectoral support (learning on the workplace, workability, labor
market forecasting)
 …
ESF in Flanders: calls and projects
Competence Policy in support of organizations
 People-oriented enterprise
 Innovation
 Transnationality
 Cooperative entrepreneurship
 Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR)
 Entrepreneurship
 …
ESF in Flanders: calls and projects
Social inclusion and poverty
 Work experience for young people
 Job coaching for long-term unemployed
 Social Economy
 Active labor market actions
 Social innovation
 …
Life cycle of an average project
ESF and research centers
ESF and research centers
ESF and research centers
ESF Flanders, the future
 A reallocation of resources in Europe will lead to less resources for
 A greater focus on RBM will demand for a more evaluation-oriented
 Even more focussing on partnerships: 1+1=3
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