BNA for Law Review
Selecting Topics for
Writing Notes and Comments
About BNA
Independent publisher of more than 300 print and
electronic news, analysis and references services.
Intensive coverage of legal, legislative, regulatory,
economic and international developments on a wide
range of topics.
Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with reporters
covering Capitol Hill and the world for over 75 years.
Publications include the highly respected United States
Law Week.
Finding a Topic
Your topic should be timely and unique.
The topic should allow you to demonstrate your
analytical, legal and writing skills.
The biggest challenge is finding a topic.
Why Use BNA
BNA provides unbiased reporting and analysis
on legislative activity, cases and legal trends.
BNA’s coverage of hot topics will save you time
by providing you with the resources you need to
find a information on breaking news and current
topic on which others have not yet written.
BNA’s Current Reports
“Hot Topics” includes “Editor Pics” and “My
Insights provide articles written by expert
From the Editors includes in-depth research and
analysis on body of law.
Over 200 reports to select from on specialized
practice areas such as Intellectual Property,
Health Law, Labor & Employment and more.
Includes United States Law Week, which covers all
areas of the law.
Using United States Law Week
to Identify Hot Topics
Hot Topics
 Editors Pics
 My Pics
Circuit Splits
From the Editors
Core Sections
 Case Alert
 Legal News
 Supreme Court Today
Articles on Hot Topic: Immigration
Customize Your Hot Topics
Circuit Split Report
Advanced Search: A field
search can be used to limit
results by topic.
Print or download results
by selecting the box next
to the title of an article.
Search terms are
highlighted in yellow.
Use a key word search to retrieve
all articles discussing circuit splits
on a particular topic.
Other BNA Resources
In addition to United States Law Week, there are
many other BNA publications which will be
useful in your topic selection.
Most of these are updated daily or weekly.
Accessing BNA
Your law school may subscribe to many of the
illustrated BNA publications.
Check with your library if you do not know how
to access BNA at your school.
wishes you great success.

BNA for Law Review Selecting Topics for Writing Notes and