Procurement and
Presentation to [NAME
1. OAA - Background
2. Procurement of Architectural Services
3. OAA Model Procurement Documents
4. Industry Tendering Practices
5. CCDC 2, 2008 Stipulated Price Contract
OAA - Background
Self-Regulating, Self-Governing profession
established under the Architects Act.
• OAA governs its members and regulates the practice of
architecture in the public interest
• 3,316 architects; 1,385 intern architects; and
140 associates
• Establishes standards of qualification for license
• Set standards of practice, performance and conduct and entry
to the profession
• Supports profession with tools & resources to ensure
continued competence
Procurement of Architectural Services
How Do We Achieve:
• Engagement of the most suitable consultant(s)
• Long-term savings through reduced
life-cycle costs?
• Timely delivery?
• Quality and sustainability?
• Innovation and added value?
• Improved economic, social and environmental quality of life?
• Taxpayer confidence?
The Challenge of Delivering Projects
Opportunities to Improve Outcome
$ of Opportunities to Improve Outcome
Operations &
Procurement is Key
• Establishing common objectives;
agreeing on desired outcome
• Understanding cost-benefit-risk relationships
• Clarifying roles and responsibilities
(trusted advisor)
• Selecting the right A/E team for the job (qualifications)
• Determining needed resources (fees and schedule)
OAA Model Procurement Documents
• Statement of Qualifications - SoQ
Request for Proposals - RFP
• Quality Based Selection Guide - QBS
A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of
an Architect
• OAA Document 600, 2008 - Standard Form of Contract for
Architect’s Services
Step One: S of Q
• Evaluate and pre-qualify Consultant
Team Architects and Engineers (A/E)
• Shortlist of firms proceeding to RFP
• Solicit interest from Qualified firms
What’s in the S of Q?
Project Preliminary Overview
Scope of Services Required
Terms & Conditions of the Contract
Specifics of the SoQ Submission
• Evaluation Criteria
• Details of Evaluation Process
Step Two – The RFP
• Document to solicit offers for Consulting
Services from Architectural Firms.
• Specific details for RFP will vary from
one project to another.
• Content and structure for RFP is critically
dependant on the type of services requested
• OAA has created user-friendly template
documents to assist Procurement Officer
What’s in the RFP?
• Project Details
• Terms & Conditions of the RFP phase
• Specifics of the RFP submission reqm’ts
• Proposal and evaluation criteria
• Details of Evaluation Process
How does QBS Work?
• Professionals compete based on qualifications
and client’s needs
•Client ranks proposals: best service to achieve
project objectives
• A detailed scope established with preferred
proponent: including deliverables
• Appropriate fees and schedule: that achieve
the client’s objectives
• ‘Selecting an Architect’
OAA Model Procurement Documents
A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees
for the Services of An Architect
• Nationally endorsed document produced by the
Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC)
• Developed to assist clients and architects in
determining appropriate fees
• Design projects vary widely and provision
of services have evolved considerably
– fees vary
Scope of services
A/E Services are a good Investment
Procurement and Fees
What’s Wrong with the Lowest Price
• Rewards firms for using fewer resources on behalf of the
client (e.g. less experienced and less senior staff)
• Penalizes firms with greater appreciation of the client’s
• Penalizes firms that accurately anticipate complications or
that propose innovation
• Increased cost to client (more staff time and resources)
OAA Document 600, 2008
Standard Form of Contract
for Architect’s Services
• Fair and balanced
• Industry recognized terms &
conditions - efficient
• User friendly and accessible on
OAA web-site
• Schedules allow for easy
identification and understanding
• Current & coordinated with
other industry docs (CCDC 2 etc.)
Best Practices –
What’s in it for the client?
The client gets:
• Right team for right job
• More realistic schedules and budgets
• A more efficient building
• Fewer change orders and disputes
• Better business relationship between
client/consultants/contractors/external agencies
• Better service, better quality & better value for
Supply Chain Guide
• Government’s Supply Chain Guideline for
Ontario’s broader public sector organizations
has meant changes to existing procurement
policies and procedures
• The OAA tools evolved to facilitate ease of
use and implementation in conjunction with
Industry Bidding & Tendering Practices
• Client, with the help of the architect, selects the
• CCDC 23 – A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding
Construction Contracts
• Architect’s responsibilities: “assist and advise the
Client in obtaining bids and negotiated proposals
and in awarding and preparing contracts for
Contract A / Contract B
Preparing Bid Documents
Instructions to Bidders
Bid Form, Contract breakdown
List of subcontractors and prices
List of Bid documents
Contract Requirements
• Calling for Bids
Bid Solicitation
Document Availability
Bid Period and Scheduling
Meetings and Enquiries
• Receiving Bids
• Closing date/time
• Procedures
• Contract Award
CCDC 2, 2008
Stipulated Price Contract
• Industry recognized construction contract prepared by
national joint Committee
• Parties to contract are Client and General Contractor
• Architect responsible for administration of the contract,
however not a signatory
• CCDC 20 – Guide to use of CCDC 2
• Three sections: Agreement, Definitions, General Conditions
+ Supplementary Conditions
OAA/OGCA recommended
supplementary Conditions:
• developed in consultation and agreement with the Ontario
General Contractors Association (OGCA)
• in alignment with supplementary conditions previously
established in consultation with specific owner groups and
industry partners.
• OGCA has issued it to their members with the advice that
they were developed in consultation with the OAA
• Issued to ensure fair and balanced contract for all
• Accessible on OAA and OGCA Web sites
• OAA Practice Tip 23.1 provides explanation to each SC

A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of An