Covering Tampa Bay
Melanie Hall, MA
Executive Director
The Family Healthcare
We have been providing the outreach and
application assistance in Florida KidCare
(our CHIP program) in Tampa for more than
15 years. We have over 40 community
partners in our KidCare Coalition.
The Family Healthcare
The University of South Florida
identified TFHF as the lead agency in
the Tampa Bay area in their proposal
for their Cooperative Agreement to
provide Navigator Services.
USF Navigator Project
Tampa Bay
Our Consortium partners are:
- Healthy Start Coalition of Hillsborough
- United Way Suncoast
- Hispanic Services Council
- BayCare Health System
- Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas
- United Way of Central Florida
Covering Tampa
In August we received private funding from
Allegany Franciscan Ministries to convene a
series of meetings to lead a community
planning exercise to create community
capacity, coordinate efforts and develop a
strategic plan to target outreach efforts for
Marketplace enrollment in Tampa Bay. The
initiative is called Covering Tampa Bay.
Covering Tampa
Covering Tampa Bay brought together more
than 76 participants representing more
than 39 agencies. Partners include:
Health Departments
offices of elected officials
Enroll America
social service agencies
Covering Tampa
The four half-day sessions produced a
strategic plan that will include cooperating
with community outreach, data reporting
and a visual representation of all outreach
and enrollment activities on a heat map
that will be updated monthly.
Communication will occur on a membersonly webpage on our website.
Covering Tampa
Covering Tampa
This model brings together all funded
entities and volunteer organizations
under one initiative that will be able
to report on the full impact of the
Affordable Care Act assistance in the
Tampa Bay area.
Covering Tampa
The collaboration also helps ensure that
the partners will not be duplicating
services and that every dollar supporting
this effort is maximized.
Covering Tampa
Ultimately, creating capacity around
our community’s ability to assist
families and individuals in enrolling in
public health options will help create
a culture of coverage and lead to a
healthier Tampa Bay.