13/11/13, ZAGREB
Follow-up of successful PLATINA project
Started on 1st September 2013 (duration 30 months)
12 partners from 7 EU countries
Work divided into 5 work packages:
WP1 Markets and awareness
WP2 Innovation and fleet
WP3 Jobs and skills
WP4 Infrastructure
WP5 Technical secretariat
• Description of work:
 SWP4.1 Inland navigation and intermodality
 SWP4.2 Administrative and technical support for River Information
 SWP4.3 Good practices on inland waterway maintenance
• Partners involved:
 via donau, VNF, BDB, PBV, INE, DVS, NEA, DST, CRUP
SWP4.2 Administrative and technical support for RIS
• Objectives:
 To identify future RIS applications and analyse good practices of
logistic RIS applications
 To support and facilitate the development of harmonised River
Information Services by maintenance and enhancement of a single
portal on River Information Services (www.ris.eu) and by supporting
the efficiency and effectiveness of the RIS Expert Groups’ work
through administrative support
• Tasks:
 4.2.1 Good practices for logistics use of RIS
 4.2.2 Identification of future European RIS services
 4.2.3 Operation and enhancement of RIS community portal
Task 4.2.1 Good practices for logistics use of RIS
Identification of relevant projects at a European level
Overview of relevant projects
Selection criteria for good practices
Good practices examples selected, evaluated and
• Conditions for their wider uptake will be defined in order to
trigger and stimulate the development of new services
• Expected output:
 Report “Good Practices on River Information Services for transport
and logistics”
Task 4.2.2 Identification of future European RIS services
• Analysis of RIS related projects identified in Task 4.2.1 from
the point of future development and analysis of current RIS
policy initiatives, strategic documents related to RIS policy
• Consultation with key stakeholders at the governmental and
logistics side on possible additional European RIS services
• Tender for hiring external expert for the exploration of future
RIS services and further development of RIS portal
• Selection of the future RIS services with the most potential for
the development
• Expected output:
 Report “Feasibility studies on future European RIS services”
Task 4.2.3 Operation and enhancement of RIS
community portal
• Technical inspection and analysis of the website, including
security issues
• Provided functionality and regular maintenance
• Several workshops planned, preferably during RIS Expert
Groups meetings, in order to analyse and discuss the changes
and upgrades of the portal together with RIS experts
• First workshop planned during the upcoming RIS week in
Zagreb, 11-15/11/2013
• Expected output:
 Implementation of interactive RIS Community Portal
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