OpenGeoSci, eBooks, and
Marc Segers
Director of Strategic Development
October 2013
• Journal Enhancements
• GSW eBook Collection
• OpenGeoSci
GeoScienceWorld Journals
• Continued to add to front and backfile
• 45+ journals and AGI’s GeoRef data
• 120,000 articles in Millennium and Archive
Collections (years 1905-present)
New Journals and Archives, 2013
Five new journals
•The European Association of Geochemistry’s GeoChemical
•Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
•Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society
•Scottish Journal of Geology
•Journal of Micropaleontology
Archive additions
•SEG’s Geophysics (launching soon)
•SSA’s Earthquake Notes, back to 1929
•Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France, back to 1985
Major Application Update
• Undergoing application redesign using
– Open source
– Responsive
– Flexible
Search Enhancements
• Adopting latest search technology
• Introducing faceted search features
• Integrated searching for journals, ebooks, and
• New page designs (non-final mock up on
following slide)
GSW eBook Collections
Releasing in May 2014
1,050 titles
10 publishers
Page turning eBook
reader experience
• Integrated with journal
• Cross searching and
Mobile access
MARC records
Chapter downloads
Perpetual access license
eBooks title list, pricing, and
license inquiries:
Lisa Larson, Head of North
American Academic Sales,
[email protected]
Keith Parent, Corporate and
Special Library Sales,
[email protected]
eBook Reader View
Introducing OpenGeoSci
• Map-based discovery platform
• Includes more than 309,000 maps, crosssections, charts, tables, and other data
• Resource for finding assets and linking
back to publications of origin
Content in OpenGeoSci
• 309,000 data assets in OpenGeoSci
sourced from GSW journals
• Representing content from more than 45
journals (years 2000-present)
• Adding assets from GSW ebook program
in 2014
Among the 45 Journals
AAPG Bulletin
Petroleum Geology
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology &
• Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
• Journal of Sedimentary Research
Subject Category Coverage
Search Features
• Map-based searching
• Optimized for tablets
• Filter results geospatially or by journal,
subject category, or date
• Center mapped results with your location
• Utilize layers for political boundaries and
Discovery Features
• Locate figures and maps with pinpoints
and shaded coverage areas
• View the figure and maps with caption
information from the article
• Browse all the images from an article in
scrollable discovery panel
• Link to the original source for reading the
full article
Live Now for Free Use
Feedback and ideas, contact:
[email protected]
Next Steps for OpenGeoSci
• Adding GSW eBook Collections content in
• Seeking new strategic partners willing to
share content
• Major feature enhancements may require
grants, partnerships, or other funding
Thank you
Presentation questions to:
Marc Segers, [email protected]

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