Housing Delivery Panel
2011- 2015
Suppliers Open Day
13th September 2010
The West of England Partnership
The four Unitary Authorities who form
the West of England Partnership are –
Bath & North East Somerset Council
Bristol City Council
North Somerset Council
South Gloucestershire Council
• To establish a partnership of housing
developers and registered providers to
maximise the opportunities to deliver
the housing targets set within the West
of England Delivery, Infrastructure &
Investment Plan (DIIP) for the 4 years,
2011 to 2015.
To deliver in partnership with development
partners, development/management partners,
management partners and specialist
partners, high quality sustainable
neighbourhoods with market and affordable
housing, in well designed mixed communities
within the agreed framework of the West of
England Delivery, Infrastructure and
Investment Plan.
The Panel will be set up as a framework with 5
different lots on behalf of the four authorities
forming the West of England Partnership
The framework will be open to Registered
Providers and Private Developer
The framework will be used by all parties and the
UA’s to select partners for a particular scheme
UA selection for directly commissioned schemes
will be done by mini tender from Panel members.
Delivery of DIIP
• Housing and Affordable Housing Schemes
identified in the DIIP will either be:– competitively procured through the Panel ( i.e via
S106 agreements)
• or
– one of the 4 authorities will commission through
separate mini tenders on specific schemes
– or
– Partners will work together via the Panel to share
expertise, resources and capacity to deliver joint
Partnership Offer
• The UA’s and the WEPO will work together
with Partners to secure delivery including;
– Reviewing processes of delivery
– Engagement with Government Agencies to
identify and secure additional funding
– Identifying and removing blockages to
– Reviewing methods to improve the viability
of schemes
Description of ‘Lots’
• Lot 1 Development Housing only Partners
– 5 -25 Partners
• Lot 2 Development & Management Housing Partners
– 5 – 25 Partners
• Lot 3 Management only Partners
– 5 – 25 Partners
• Lot 4 Specialist Extra Care Housing Partners
– 3 – 10 Partners
• Lot 5 Specialist Rural Housing Partners
– 3 – 10 Partners
Route Map
• The EOI provides a route map to aid completion
depending upon the preferred application.
• Applicants should choose either Lot 1 or 2 or 3
and/or 4 & 5
• The Pre Qualification Questionaire (PQQ) sets
out technical questions relating to each ‘Lot’ and
ONLY those technical questions relating to the
‘Lot’ you are applying for need to be completed.
Indicative Timetable
EOI Advert placed
Stage 1 - PQQ Submission
Deadline for Questions on PQQ
Invitation to Tender issued
Interviews from
Detailed Submission
Selection of Partners
HDP Commences Operation
30th September
8th November
25th October
14th December
4th - 16th January
24th January 2011
7th March 2011
1st April 2011
BEPS - How to register
• In order to become a supplier to BCC you have to
register your company on our E Tendering
database (BEPS)
• To register log onto the website below
• Then look for the category:– WB01 – Building & Construction Contracts
• Any problems registering please ring the
dedicated helpline on:0117 9223495
Registered on BEPS
• When you are registered on BEPS and have
registered against the specific work type (WB01)
you need to:– Regularly visit the Bulletin Board. This is where
our Tenders and Contracts are advertised against
specific work types
• When the Housing Delivery Panel project is
released it will appear in the Bulletin Board for
you to express an interest and download the
information pack and PQQ
• Answer all the questions
• Insurances
– Minimum cover
– Insurance forms
• Case studies – limited to 250 words
– Bullet points
• Declaration
• Accounts
– Parent company
• Non-Collusive Certificate
• Selection criteria
• P.Q.Q questions can be received up to
– 4.00 pm Monday 25 October 2010
• Bristol eProcurement Service (BePS)
– will not allow any late questionnaire
• Return date for questionnaire
– 4.00pm Monday 8 November 2010

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