Partnership Structure
KTP Funding Partners
What is KTP?
a man a fish and
“ Give
you feed him for a day.
Teach him how to fish
and you feed him for
a lifetime…
Lao Tzu
KTP Mission
Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
is Europe’s leading programme helping
businesses to improve their
competitiveness, productivity and
performance through the better use of
Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for
Business, Innovation and Skills, presenting
the Overall Winning Partnership Award to
Cherry Pipes Limited at Innovate ‘11
knowledge, technology and skills that reside
within the UK knowledge base.
Some Figures
January 2012
Grants committed
Business contributions
Live partnerships
Live projects
(includes classic and shorter KTPs)
(includes 199 shorter KTPs)
Data from 2010/11 Annual Report
Project Criteria
Innovative project of clear strategic relevance to the business
Sound business case
Clear knowledge transfer
Stimulating and challenging for all three partners
Demonstrating a step change in innovation
Quantifiable impact for all three partners
Clear benefit from KB involvement
The Features of KTP
Project length of between 6 months and 3 years
Associates recruited by KB and Business partners
The Associate is employed by the KB partner
Project located at business premises with
business supervisor
KB Supervisor spends approx. half a day
per week at the business premises
Project Budget
Annual budget ~£60k
Includes T&S, consumables and training
Equipment owned by KB Partner on completion
SMEs contribute 33%
Large businesses contribute 50%
Who is eligible
Businesses, Academics, Graduates
Business Partners
Available for:
Stable companies of all sizes from all industrial sectors
Charities and not-for-profit organisations
Education institutions (LEAs and schools)
Health organisations (hospitals and NHS Trusts)
Councils and Local Authorities
Knowledge Base Partners
Suitable for:
Higher Education Institutions
Further Education Institutions
Research and Technology Organisations
Public Sector Research Institutes
The Associate
Recently Qualified with:
First degree ~ 83% hold 1st or 2(i)
Higher degree ~ 59%
NVQ level 4
Average age 29 years
All disciplines
Business Benefits
Benefits per Associate project
Increase in annual profit before tax
~ £240,000
Investment in plant and machinery
~ £106,000
New jobs created
Business staff trained
New research projects initiated
Commercial benefits from application of IP
~ 27%
Business Benefits
Benefits per £1 million
New jobs created
Company staff trained
One-off increase in tax before profit
Anticipated increase in annual profit before tax
after partnership is completed
Investment in plant & machinery
Knowledge Base Benefits
Knowledge Base
Published papers
Teaching materials, case studies and projects (84%)
New research themes – commercial relevance (75%)
Staff development – commercial awareness (96%)
Higher degree registrations
Graduate career opportunities
Exploitation of IP developed during project (27% expect commercial benefits)
Strategic relationship with business (74%)
Associate Benefits
Competitive salary
Part of one of the country’s largest graduate recruitment schemes
Employment within the chosen academic discipline
Fast-track career development
Opportunity to register for higher degree during project
73% of Associates are offered employment by the host business
Training and development to National Management Standards
The Application Process
Prepare EOI* for
submission to
KTP Adviser
Prepare application
with guidance from
KTP Adviser
Application assessed
by Partnership
Approval Group (PAG)
* EOI – Expression of Interest
Proposal funded –
continued input from
KTP Adviser
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KTP Advisers
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