Journals Full Text Resources
Including MedIND
For Scholarly Information
• We start with Bibliographic Databases having
references to journals and other scholarly literature
• Knowledge of search techniques is required for
effective searching
– PubMed, Scirus – International
– IndMED – Indian
• Finally we may require full text of Journal
Full text Journal
• Most expensive Resource
• No Library can afford all
the journals / Not even
the core Journals of a
• Internet has become the
first place to look for
Journal Articles
• How about Internet
Resources ?
Ok, let us start with Google..
Open Access and
OA /Free
• Open Access
• Indian Journals
• Institutional /
I am not talking about
• Open Source
• Open Standards
• Right to Information
But on similar concept
• It relates to access to results of public funded
• It relates to access to that knowledge which
scientists and scholars give away for free after
years of hard work
Research Impact
12 – 18 Months
Now the Question being asked is
Where is the catch?
• Scientists / scholars need to publish articles
• Publishers seek transfer of copyrights in their
favour in lieu of publication of their articles
• They had no other alternative than to gave
away their copyrights to get their articles
Open Access is the answer to the ills of
conventional academic publishing
Open-access (OA) literature
• is [scholarly,] digital, online,
• free of charge,
• and free of most copyright and licensing
What makes it possible is the internet and the
consent of the author or copyright-holder.
[Peter Suber -]
“Articles freely available online are more highly
cited. For greater impact and faster scientific
progress, authors and publishers should aim to
make research easy to access”. Online or
Invisible? Steve Lawrence. Nature, Volume
411, Number 6837, p. 521, 2001.
Open Access (OA) means free and online access to scholarly
literature that can be freely disseminated further with
proper author attribution.
It brings down barriers to scientific communication by using Internet
Open Access Publishing
• Open Access Journals perform peer
review like their conventional
counterparts and then make the
approved contents freely available to
the world.
Open Access Repositories
• Open Access Repositories allow authors / right
holders to deposit their articles
• May allow preprints (pre-published manuscripts)
• Normally allow post-prints (peer-reviewed and
published articles)
• Most reputed academic publishers allow authors
to deposit some version of their articles in such
Open Access and India
Open Access Journals
Open Access Hosts / Publishers
64 Indexed Journals from India
Open Access Repositories
Indian Institute of Astrophysics Repository
National Aerospace Laboratories
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute

Journals Full Text Resources Including MedIND