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Exporting with UKTI
• Our Mission
• Our Global Presence
• Why Export?
• The London International Trade
• Our Services
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• UK Export Finance
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Our Mission
• Support UK companies to grow their business
through international trade
• Connect UK business to the world’s top
commercial opportunities
• Attract high quality inward investment
to the UK
• Establish whole-of-government relationships
with major wealth creators
to increase exports and investment
Our Global Presence
• UKTI teams identify business opportunities
around the world. They support businesses
throughout the UK
• UKTI has more than 1,200 staff in over 100
overseas markets and around 400 people
across UK regions, working locally to support
UK businesses and overseas investors
• The devolved administrations have their
own trade teams, delivering services
analogous to UKTI’s
• Our advisers are overwhelmingly from
the private sector, with experience in
international trade/investment
UKTI has more than
staff in over
overseas markets
Why Export?
Academic research confirms
that companies that export:
• Achieve stronger financial
• Are more productive and innovative
than non-exporters
• Are more resilient to an
economic downturn
• Have a higher profile and more
• Are more likely to stay in business
The London International
Trade Team
• 42 International Trade Advisers
• Private sector and market experience
• UKTI trade support services delivery for
London region companies
• Close working partnership with UKTI DSO,
UKEF, London & Partners, London
Boroughs, Chambers of Commerce, Banks,
Professional Institutes, Trade Associations
and Universities
Our Services
• Tradeshow Access Programme
• Passport to Export
• Inward trade missions
• Export Marketing Research Scheme
• Business opportunities
• Overseas Market Introduction Service
• High Value Opportunities
• Export Communications Review
• Aid-funded business
• Events and seminars
• Gateway to Global Growth
• Outward trade missions
• Open to Export
• Venture Capital Unit
UK Export Finance
• Insures UK exporters against non-payment by their overseas buyers
• Helps overseas buyers to purchase goods and/or services from UK
exporters by guaranteeing bank loans to finance those purchases
• Shares credit risks with banks in order to assist exporters in the raising
of tender and contract bonds, in accessing pre- and post-shipment
working capital finance and in securing confirmations of letters of credit
• Insures UK investors in overseas markets against political risks.
Any questions?

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