Health Ontology Mapper
NCBO BioPortal Integration
2010 Academic User’s Group
Oct 13 2010
Rob Wynden (UCSF)
Interrelated Teams
• Health Ontology Mapper: UCSF, UCD, URochester,
U Penn, UW
• caGrid and TRIAD: OSU
• I2b2 and SHRINE: Harvard
• HSDB: UCSF, WUSTL, Stanford, UCD, Columbia,
Duke, Emory, Johns H, Mayo, OSU, Rockefeller,
UW, UTSW, UTHSC (a caGRID based Network)
• CICTR: UW, UCSF, UCD (SHRINE grid evaluation)
Project Objectives
• General purpose instance mapper that can
provide a best-fit translation of locally
encoded data into multiple standard formats
• To allow the just-in-time translation of locally
encoded data (not handled during ETL)
• To allow researchers to request data in any
standard format that they require
• Enable inter-institutional sharing in standard
formats using i2b2 with SHRINE and caGRID
(for example RxNorm over the CICTR grid)
New Project Objectives
• To allow HOM to reference both source and
target terminologies as published on BioPortal.
• To allow HOM to consume HL7 CTSII instance
maps directly from the NCBO BioPortal.
• To create a new terminology infrastructure that
is completely free of UML. (No clean translation
from OWL to UML exists).
• To allow terminologists to create &curate
terminologies on BioPortal.
Rob Wynden
Manager of Research & Development
Academic Research Systems

i2b2 grid interoperability with Health Ontology Mapper