Twinning as an instrument
for promoting HTA
Aleksandra Pajor
Agency for Health Technology
Assessment in Poland
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1. The idea of Twinning and the Twinning rules
2. The Twinning “market”
3. Twinning project cycle overview
4. Poland/AHTAPol as a beneficiary Country (BC)
5. Poland/AHTAPol as a donor of Twinning assistance
Idea of Twinning
Projects financed by the European Union from May 1998’
• To share experience between “old” and “new” Member-State
• To build the candidate countries’ capacity to adopt, implement
and enforce the full acquis communautaire before joining the
European Union (EU).
• To build a partnership and to work together towards achieving
project goals (mandatory results)
Twinning rules
Twinning projects must bring to the BC a concrete operational result
described in the Twinning Contract as mandatory results
Twinning is a joint project of a MS and a BC, with commitments and
responsibilities taken on by both Twinning partners. It is not a one-way
delivery of technical assistance from a MS to a BC
The achievements of a Twinning project (mandatory results) should be
maintained as a permanent asset to the Beneficiary administration
even after the end of the Twinning project implementation
Twinning „market”
Twinning Projects are implemented in the following countries and
are financed through:
Transition Facility (TF)
countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus.
Instrument for Pre - Accession (IPA)
countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia,
Serbia, Montenegro and Turkey.
European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI)
countries: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan,
Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, Ukraine, Belarus, Libya,
Syria and Russia.
Models of participation in Twinning Out
1. As a single applicant and provider of Twinning Out projects
strong administrative and management skills
clear vision and well-developed workplan
strong language skills
a competent Resident Twinning Advisor (RTA) and availability of
Short-Term-Experts (STEs)
top-level support
2. As a Lead Partner in a Twinning Out consortium
all mentioned above & experience from previous, similar projects
3. As a Junior Partner in Twinning Out consortium
good partnership skills
good technical expertise
good “marketing” of the country on the Twinning market
flexibility, adaptability
4. As a provider of individual experts for Twinning Out consortia
good technical expertise
provision of updated CVs of experts
frequent and extensive contact with other MS
Twinning Project Cycle
Identification of Project: BC Identifies needs and drafts Twinning
Fiches with assistance of the EC
Call for Proposals: Circulation of Twinning fiches to MS NCP
Submission of Proposals: MS (alone or in consortium) prepare and
submit a proposal with designated RTA and PL
Selection of Twinning Partner: BC assess proposals and makes a final
Preparation and implementation of Twinning Contract: MS and BC
draw up the contract with detailed Work Plan and Budget
Monitoring and Reporting: progress is monitored by EC and BC
Administrative Office and is measured by Quarterly and Final Reports.
It is also audited by external auditor and possibly by Court of Auditors
Poland/AHTAPol as a BC/beneficiary institution
1. Poland as a Beneficiary Country (BC)
– from 1998’ - 196 twinning projects of total value over
200 000 000 Euro
2. AHTAPol as a Beneficiary Institution
– from November 2006 till April 2008
– Twinning Contract between Poland (AHTAPol and Polish Ministry of
Health) and France (Haute Authorite de Sante and French Ministry
of Health) “Transparency of the National Health System Drug
Reimbursement Decisions”
Poland/AHTAPol as a donor of Twinning Assistance
1. Poland as a donor country
– from 2003’ - 29 twinning projects as a Leader Partner,
Junior Partner or experts ad hoc
2. AHTAPol as a donor institution
– In 2008 AHTAPol submited a Twinning proposal for Kosovo
(Kosovo Medicines Agency)
Why Twinning-Out?
• Share the EU benefits with others
• Improves MS political and economic position in BCs
• Entry point for further bi-/multi-lateral projects
• A possibility to establish / extend sectoral professional networks
• Staff development and personal growth opportunity for experts
• Financial benefits (expert’s fees 250 €)
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Twinning as an instrument for promoting HTA POLAND