Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies
University Hospital Hradec Králové
University of Hradec Králové
Faculty of Military Health Sciences
Basic information about project
• Project name:
• Program:
Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies HK
Operational Program Research and Development
for Innovations
Area of support:
3.1. Commercialization of Research and
Development Outputs in Research Institutions
Intellectual Ownership Protection
Managing authority: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports
University Hospital Hradec Králové
Project partners:
University of Hradec Králové
Faculty of Military Health Sciences
Project duration:
07/12 - 06/15 (3 years – support from dotation)
Project location:
Hradec Králové
Project budget:
eligible expenses 24 666 900 CZK (about 1 mio €)
Organization structure
Project budget
Total project budget:
UH HK budget:
UHK budget:
FMHS budget:
24 666 000 CZK (about 1 mio €)
20 964 000 CZK (about 840 000 €)
2 771 000 CZK (about 110 000 €)
931 000 CZK
(bout 37 000 €)
• CTBT financing
Project realization
100% support from
07/12 - 06/15
Project sustainability
Financed by the project
partners and CTBT
07/15 - 06/20
Financed by CTBT
profits and UH
07/20 - ?
About CTBT
Regional project – the centre of important research and educational
institutions in region of Hradec Králové
– University Hospital Hradec Králové
– University of Hradec Králové
– Faculty of Informatics and Management
– Faculty of Science
– Faculty of Military Health Sciences
Main focus
– Biomedicine and related fields
– Development of commercialization of new inventions, knowledge
and know-how
Vision of the project
– Creation of an effective system of technology transfer from research
institutions to the application sphere and thus enabling their
CTBT objectives
• Creation of system of intellectual property protection and its
effective exploitation
• Creation of working model for start of technology –oriented
• Setting conditions for increase in contract research
• Creation of system for effective searching of research and
development outputs suitable for commercialization
• UH HK, UHK a FMHS promotion and presentation
• Networking – with commercial sphere and analyzing needs of the
application sphere
Education of CTBT employees
– Specialization study of Industrial Property Office in the field of
Intellectual Property Protection
– Certified course Technology Transfer Manager (Junior) –
European Knowledge Transfer Society
– Seminar Models of Knowledge and Technology Transfer in
Pharmacological Sciences (AKTOP, CEPIN)
– Seminar Rights to the Results of Research and Development
projects (Technology Centre AS CR)
– Seminar Enforcement of Intellectual property (Czech Union of
Inventors and Rationalizers)
– Seminar Intellectual Property Rights (CzechInvest)
CTBT PR activities
Internal (among project partners):
– collegium
– meeting of employees directly
subordinated to the dean
– Scientific board
– seminary Science and Research at
– scouts meeting
External (apart from project
• Practical problems of technology
transfer in CR (Křtiny, CR)
• Technology Transfer Conference
(Ljubljana, Slovenia)
• Tech Transfer Summit (Rockville,
– Large Scientific Board
– Rector‘s office
– Faculty of Science
– Technological Centre of Hradec Králové
– Science and Technology Park Olomouc
– Innovation Support Centre of Technical University of
– Ders
– Centre for Technology and Knowledge Transfer of
University of Pardubice
– Centre of Research Contracts
– Berg and White
Who is CTBT for?
• Internal units, researchers and research teams of project
partners (UH HK, UHK a FMHS)
• Application sphere – enterprises interested in using the results
• Cooperating subjects:
– HIT cluster
– Technological centre of Hradec Králové
– External consultancy companies – service suppliers, e.g patent office
• Cooperating projects:
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports - project EF-TRANS
What does CTBT offer?
Consultation of suitable protection R & D output, result, invention, etc.
Complex ensuring protection of intellectual property,
Providing contract research and negotiate appropriate conditions
Search local and foreign commercial subjects from the application
sector for results of R & D,
Mapping the application usable R & D results in partner institutions
Help with setting up technology-oriented companies,
Seminars, workshops, conferences arrangement
Obtaining knowledge, experience and modern practices of the world's
technology transfer offices
CTBT currently deals with:
3 patent applications (1x FMHS, 2x UH HK)
1 x cooperation contract (UH HK)
3 x research contracts (UH HK)
1 x product commercialization (UH HK)
University Hospital Hradec Králové
Centre for Transfer of Biomedical Technologies
Sokolská 581, 500 05 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Head of CTBT
prof. Ing. Kamil Kuča, Ph.D.
[email protected]
495 832 923
Specialist –
biomedicine and clinical Mgr. Lucie Bartošová, Ph.D.
[email protected]
495 832 925
Specialist – IT and
medical devices
RNDr. Martin Kuneš, Ph.D.
[email protected]
495 832 926
Specialist – Methodist
Ing. Jiří Mošna, MBA
[email protected]
495 832 924
Administrator and PR
Ing. Martin Sedláček
[email protected]
495 833 964