Super Connected City Programme for
Derry ~ Londonderry
Linda Williams
• Best Superfast Broadband Network in Europe
• 2011 (£100 Million) for the Urban Broadband
Fund to create 10 super connected cities across
the UK (larger cities)
• May 2012 (£50 Million) for a “second wave” of
cities to benefit from this programme (smaller
The Super Connected
Cities Programme in
aims to support
economic growth by
providing high speed,
high quality broadband
– to be delivered by
March 2015
Creating a world
class digital
citizens and
promoting social
Creating an
competitive city
Support, promote
& grow the digital
content sector.
Transform public
Three Strands of Super Connected Derry
Voucher scheme
Metro Wireless
Wi-Fi in public
Voucher system to make
broadband more affordable
to small and medium sized
enterprises (SMEs)
Improved access to Wi-Fi
services - infrastructure to
be built on
Derry~Londonderry street
furniture – such as benches
and lampposts.
The creation of Wi-Fi
zones in public
To help SMEs get connected, To accelerate economic
or improve their current
growth across
connection to broadband.
Where? Available to SMEs and social High footfall areas, such as
enterprises within the Derry the city centre, where
City Council area.
demand for high capacity
wireless access is greatest.
To increase digital
engagement and
energise cultural and
economic activity.
Available to all public
buildings in partnership
with landlords.
About the Voucher Scheme
Cover the connection charges of installing ultrafast broadband
Voucher Value £250 - £3000
SME’s are primary focus of the scheme
• Small Office/ Home Worker and Commercial landlords with multiple
• Application will be online
The Super Connected scheme aims to enable speeds from 30Mbps up to 1Gbps
for eligible businesses.
• Eligibility criteria
– Registered with Companies House
– Reside within the relevant geographical area (postcode)
– <249 employees
– Turnover <EU50m
– Balance sheet <EU43m
– SME’s can redeem vouchers with any supplier registered for their city
• Scheme Launch- Mid March & ends in March 2015
Eligible Expenditure
• Vouchers can only be used for capital expenditure i.e.
the connection itself
• No subsidy for monthly charges
• No cover for costs of equipment e.g. Routers or
• Technology Neutral – connection charges can be
funded for wired, wireless, or other technology types
provided they deliver a step change from what you
have had before
• Contractual relationship is between the SME and
service provider
What does ultrafast connectivity
mean for your business?
• Market, sell and deliver products to a wide geographical area
• Aid extension into new markets
• Engage with customers and clients around the world and outside
normal working hours
• Create media rich web content to advertise and promote your
• Efficiently manage & co-ordinate suppliers in the production chain
through real time logistics & collaboration
• Facilitate flexible working – reducing office overheads, travelling
time & costs, assist work/ life balance
• Send & receive large amounts of data and information rapidly
Wireless City Concession Model
• Improved access to high
speed mobile broadband
• Expand opportunities for
development of apps and
their usage
• Opportunity to improve
digital literacy skills
• Promote online and local
Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
• Promoting the use of underused
• Use as a marketing tool for
promoting the city
• Encouraging visitors to dwell in
locations for longer
• Localised marketing content
• Greater interaction between
citizens and local businesses
Demand Stimulation
• Voucher launch – Mid March
• City wide promotional campaign to promote
uptake of the scheme
• Tailored and structured programme of one to
one support to help small businesses to
adopt and exploit ultrafast broadband
• Product development projects, cluster
programmes, awareness raising workshops
and networking events
If you are interested in finding out more
Business Opportunities Team
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 028 7137 6506